For 30 years, David Meyers was employed in the adult and juvenile correctional systems of Ohio, including stints at the Ohio State Reformatory and Ohio Penitentiary. He was also closely involved with the Fairfield School for Boys. For this book, he was assisted by his daughter, Elise, a freelance writer and photographer who has grown up around correctional institutions. Many of the images in Central Ohio’s Historic Prisons are from the Grandview Heights Public Library’s Columbus Citizen/Citizen-Journal Collection. David is the coauthor of Columbus: The Musical Crossroads, also available from ArcadiaPublishing.com.



  1. James Dailey said,

    Finally had a chance to read your book. My compliments to both yourself and your daughter. Much of my time for many years has also been gathering material and information related to Ohio Prisons. I would really like the opportunity to discuss some of this with you. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.



  2. Cynthia bECKMAN said,

    I need my transcrip from Sciota Village HS How do I find them?1970

    • mary stevenson said,

      have a similar problem, graduated in 1971, was actually the first graduate to go on to college from that place. my crime for being there? my mother was a jehovah’s witness, and i wanted a normal life; so i ran away a lot.
      Actually, her religion was only one part of a very rigid, controlled, horrible home life. scioto village was my way out, and i’ve never looked back.

  3. stephanie bass said,

    I stephanie bass graduated senior class pres jan 1969 from scioto village for girls. I had a great experience education good friends. Great teachers miss mildred grey was there I would like to know how I can get a year book for the 68 69 I lost mine in a fire. I miss havin it I would look at it every now n then. Lots of memories I am now at the young age of 62 n proud of it. If anyone remembers me my number 14403909554. Drop a dime. Haha

  4. Barbara Woodson said,

    I was Barbara Conklin when I graduated from Scioto Village in 1974. I was in Davey Cottage. Mr Ed Heller was a teacher when I was there along with Joe Baretta. Would like to find a pic of that class????

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