Scioto Village School for Girls

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I have been somewhat amazed at how much interest has been shown in my post regarding the Girls Industrial School or, as it was later known, Scioto Village School for Girls. Like the Boys Industrial School/Fairfield School for Boys, the girls lived in “cottages”  that were, more or less, based on their social maturity levels. Of course, this system broke down whenever the institution became overcrowded and a newly admitted girl would then have to be placed in the first available bed.

Over the years, the names of the cottages changed as old ones were torn down and new ones were built. However, here is a list of some of them taken from a 1970 Sci-Lites High School Yearbook: Ohio, Scioto, Mac, Galloway, Hayes, Woodbine, Allman, Buckeye, Hunter, Mapledale, Davey, Sherwood, and Terrace. The girls attended school and also participated in such vocational programs as home economics, laundry (“fabric services”), cosmetology, and needle trades.

At one time, the institution had a fully operational maternity ward and a number of babies were born there. Not far from the hospital was a cemetery. A number of girls had died at G.I.S.  during the great influenza pandemic that swept the country during the early part of the 20th century. Apparently, there was no one who wanted or could afford to claim their bodies.

Somewhere, I have a handful of postcards picturing scenes at G.I.S. When I locate them, I will post them to my blog. For a correctional institution, it was a remarkably pretty place. I had an office in the school that overlooked the Scioto River, which was a stone’s throw away.




  1. brenda simmons said,

    I’m looking for a baby that was born there. Are there any documents?

    • Carol Byler said,

      There are organizations that help with you finding your baby



    • marianne alderman said,

      my name is marianne alderman…i was there in 1991. my only offense was running away from home. i was in buckeye cottage. my experience there wasn’t always good. i was forced to get pap smears by this creepy doctor at least once a week untill i finally refused to return to the clinic and was forced to strip naked and be locked down in a tiny room with no blanket.
      that time in my life was a really bad one. my step father was very abusive to me and my mother. and although my mother and i were very close i would rather be on the street than be at home dealing with a drunk step father while trying to grow up and become a productive member of society…my grades at school were horrible if i ever attended at all so going to scioto village was good in the way of education but later on after being released from there i got married and tried for years to have children only to find out later that i would never have children. my marriage only lasted 14 years. i believe that psycho doctor had something to do with that fact that i will never be a mother. who gets pap smears every week for 6 months? it’s not normal.
      i did meet some really great girls there and have thought about them everyday since i left…crissy secrest was my best friend while i was there. she was from canton, ohio..i don’t think i would of made it through without her.. there were alot of girls that were down right mean and it was very scary for a tiny 14 year old. but i quickly turned into a person nobody wanted to mess with. and i held onto alot of anger for many years after leaving there.

      • patti mann said,


      • crissy said,

        oohh my god!!!! i have been trying to find you for years and i came across this page….email me or text 330-936-7054

      • crissy said,

        oooohhh my god i have been trying to find you for years…this is crissy email me

      • Julie Roe Serrato said,

        I spent six months there in 1975, or close to that year. I was in Buckeye cottage. I worked in the laundry. I am looking for a girl, named Julie Pace. She was from Cincinnati Ohio. I am sure she is married but I don’t know the married name and can’t find her on facebook or google. I too still think of that place and the things that went on there. So sorry to read that you can’t have children, and yes, I am sure the perverted psycho doctor is the reason for that!! I made some very good friends there and would love to make contact with them.

      • tiffany rivers said,


      • sean egbert said,

        I was there in late 95 or early 96 it was not a fun place I ran the store room for scioto an riverveiw across the street I remember the doc your talking about if he was a old german guy

      • Helen Altman said,


      • john petty said,

        I was one the first. Males there Mac hall

      • candida ledbetter said,

        i was also in buckeye cottage in 91. didn’t have any back experiences from what i remember. do remember being locked up in a little room while others girls got to run all hours of the night. a lot of favoritism happened there. all i ever remembered of that place was schooling, and playing pool in the day room.

      • Rachel Chapman said,

        Hello my name is Rachel Fielding….
        I was there as’well in 81 😦

      • Chris Schroeder said,

        Rachel Fielding…..omg! Sorry but I certainly remember you. I was there in ’81-’82 when they just made it co-ed, and if I remember correctly, you had reddish curly hair yeah? I graduated from HS while there and then worked for maintenance. I remember……you and I going into a tool room together…..sneaking in there actually, and we…..well try and remember and you know the rest of that story.

        My name’s Chris.

      • Nancy Roberts said,

        I was there in the early 70’s. It was a tough place , but fairly calm. I also was there for running away to many times. I do remember so not so correct things happening ..sad.

    • patti mann said,


    • Tieannaca said,

      How old is your mother?

    • Andrea Peet said,

      That is not true! I was there and they never treated anyone like that!! Your mom lied to you… if you got out of control they would put you on program or strap you down in a jump suit!! There was no bakery in there honey..we weren’t even allowed in the kitchen which was across the court yard… I was there on buckeye cottage and I was on Davy cottage..we got to watch TV if we were good, we would have cookouts, they let us crochet blankets…they were good to us,if you got out of control they would use nessesary force to control the situation! I have been strapped down a few times and restrained because I was action crazy…. never did they ever mistreat us! Thank you Mr temple and Mr van leet and other staff who were there between 1996- 1998 for your guys helped me a lot to figure out who I was and to make good decisions in life to better my I’m doing good..I’m a mother of two kidos and I talk to them and teach them how important it is to stay in school and do what’s right!

    • jerrie said,

      What year was she there

    • jerrie said,

      I was there in 1994-1995….I got sent to a place called freedom center…it wasn’t that bad I guess stuff was better when I got there…but before I got there the stories scared me….but that doctor was there…I faught him and that nerce ….then I called my money hungry ass mother and told her how he was touching me…my mother didn’t love me but I new she loved money…and I was pregnant… My mother wanted my baby she wasn’t letting nothing happen…so the ladies didn’t have to go though that anymore after me….Mr roles was my favorite… And the men staff was sleeping with the girls…but I remember the girls wanted to..

    • Barbara Woodson said,

      Dont want to upset you but Davey was not the Lesbian Cottage. They were actually called the “sillies” back then and there were some in every cottage. I worked the Bakery as well and I never had to work laundry as well. You did one thing all day and always got decent meals. It wasnt the greatest place but it wasnt as you say. We even had dances on weekends every so often with Tico, and other boys facilities. I graduated in 1974 and left and went to college.

      • cheri payne said,

        I was in Davey around that time I remember Ms. Cooper and Ms. Simpson. I also remember going to dances with Tico it was very scary to me. I was very shy. I was in school there. My name is Cheri Payne.

  3. Judy said,

    The last paragraph (not complete) came up on a search on Google for Ethel Gale Chapman——–

    Do you still have the birth certificate? Could you mail it to c/o Judy Archer Brucker, 3914 73rd Street, Urbandale, IA 50322. Did you find any other admission records etc?

    The Girls’ Industrial School « Central Ohio’s Historic Prisons
    Feb 28, 2010 … Also think her father was Gale Joseph Chapman. Ethel we think was born in … We have located the birth certificate for Ethel Gale Chapman, … –

    • Mike Mowery said,

      i forgot to give information about how to contact me,im the one looking for Lorraine Persinger,My Name is Mike Mowery my address is 710 Clay st. Galion,Ohio 44833 my phone # is 419-777-7338 my E-Mail is i also can be located on facebook under my name,im hoping someone out there can help me ill be turning 60 January 9

  4. Jeanette Kellie,Mrs. said,

    I was a young lady at scioto village home or should I say cottage was davey.i remember my case manager mr.Aberizzi something close to that. I do have some awesome stories to tell of the things I seen and done and had done to me. As for now I am on a mobile,but I will b back with much more info to share.

    • Jodi Scott Spruill said,

      I was there 1983-1984. I was only 14 and it was a horrible place to be. Widespread sexual abuse, the education was non-existant and drugs were easy to come by. I had a root canal strapped to a chair with my head strapped down. Novicain does not work on me. I’ve always had to be knocked out for dental work. They thought I just wanted drugs and was lying so they did the root canal anyway. I passed out several times during the procedure.

      • Traci Washington said,

        Hi my name is Traci Washington and I was there when you were, Michelle Patterson, Laura Coleman, Delisa Greene. Erma Hamilton was a tyrant and Mr.Price a creepy old guy who liked little girls.. Mr.David got Ms.Winkfield killed by her husband !!! Do you remember that???

    • Mrs, Christa Pierce said,

      I also was in scioto village in this same period of time but was in woodbine,,,,,seems so strange to think about now as a mother and grandmother… yes alot of stories

    • luci said,

      I also was there at the same time. Just wondering if we knew one another.

      • Christa Pierce said,

        Luci,,whats your name in full,,, you can email me at

      • Sheila said,

        Lucy.. was you there in the early to mid1980’s ?

    • Amy Catherine Smith said,

      I was in Davey around that time. At the time my name was Amy Dodge… I am not good at remembering names since I tried so hard to forget my time there.

    • carrie said,

      my name is carrie i was there in 1988 im trying to remember but im horrible with names

    • Angi King said,

      I think I remember you. My name is Angi King and I was also on Davey in 88

  5. pam haddix rabin said,

    are there any records from 1970 or a copy of the sci-lites year book? i was 1 of 3 preagnant girls who ran away from there in 1970. what were we thinking?

    • ruth berry forsythe said,

      pam, i think i rember you cause i was there in 1971, i was pregnant also, i wrote a response today on how to find your records and graduation records, hope to hear from you soon, merry christmas

      • ann smith said,

        Was there 60-64 and have no idea how to find yearbook or records. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Pam Reagan (Pam Snider back then) said,

        Ruth, i’m not sure if i’m the pam you are referring to but i was in Terrace in 69-70. I graduated and got released in jan. of 71.

    • patti mann said,


    • Melissa Reeves-Payne said,

      My mom was there in 1970, pregnant with me. My grandparents help her escape so I could be born in Dayton and not there. My moms name is Cathy Smith, she was 15 then.

    • Melissa Reeves-Payne said,

      My mom was there, pregnant with me Aug 1970. My grandparents broke her out so I wouldn’t be born there. She was only 15, from Dayton/Beavercreek her name is Cathy Smith.

      • Pam Reagan said,

        I was there in 69 and then again in 70 and graduated Jan. 71. I remember a girl escaping from Terrace cottage which is where i was. My name was pam snider back then.

    • Nancy Roberts said,

      I also ran away in 1972 with two other girls maybe three when we went to some horse show as a field trip. One name is Jean and the other Arlan not sure of spelling wow I got out at age 18 after they tried to send me to Mary’sville for the run . My name was Nancy Russ then.

  6. pam haddix rabin said,

    i have fond memories of mrs anderson. i remember a girl named rose and a girl named valerie. our big crime was being pregnant and running away. it was`t all bad. i also spent a year across the street in riverview, that was much worse!

    • louise said,

      my sister valerie, a light skinned beautiful black girl was sent there by my mother for running away from home repeatedly and she was never the same when she returned. does this sound like your friend?

      • natasha said,

        my mother was their in 77 and 76 her name was deborah wallace she was pregnant with me at the time she ran away from home and they sent her their do you rember her

    • Belinda Hein said,

      HI my name is Belinda Hein (Bj) I was there when they moved the girls across the street from sicoto to riverview. Would love to chat. My email is I have been out now 17 years and because of my crimes then I am still paying as an adult because now I have kids of my own. I hated my time there but I also put myself there because my home life was no better. I was sentenced to Life plus 15 years. I was never supposed to get out but thank you Ohio for doing what your best at fucking shit up and the paperwork is never right so due to paperwork missing from my file they had to release me and without any new evidence they could not retry me. So I was thankful and I have made my life’s mission to never go back or commit any crime again. I have held that for 17 years.

      • Belinda Hein said,

        BY the way I was 12 years old when I got thereschedule and 14 years old when I was released.

        My Inmate Number was 200054, I was on Allen the buckeye I believe

  7. joetta darmstadter said,

    That’s were i graduated from even had prom with the tico boys the year 1973-also had a drill team

    • Pam Baldwin said,

      I dont know if we were there together but I was there in 73/74 I graduated fromn there in 1974 My name at the time was Pam Thomas

      • Barbara Woodson said,

        I graduated from there in 1974. Name was Barbara Conklin. Was in Davey.

    • Deborah Jean Kosier said,

      I remember the 75-76 TICO boys! LOL!

    • shelly said,

      how do i find out what hosp. they used in 1979 when the girls gave birth please help tyvm shelly stonestreet

      • Tara Foster said,

        Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware Ohio

      • localcelebz said,

        I was born @ The Ohio State University Hospital when my birth mother stayed there if that helps.

    • paulaeastwood said,

      I graduated from there also in 73. I had mrs hill as cp and my friends were robin, sandy who was in cosmetology and a real tall girl named Sabrina who we called sam. oh there was a Diana melton there also. I cant think of any horror stories and wondered if the village is still there or is it torn down?

      • Mike Mowery said,

        i forgot to give you the name of the girl that was there,her birth name is Lorrain Persinger.

    • Cindy Kelley said,


  8. judy said,

    Hi, my name is Judy. I was there in the early 70s. My only crime was not going to school and I was in the Ohio cottage. I remember washing my stuff on a washboard that was hard back in those days. I dont remember the cottage mother at that time. I know we were allow to smoke, but we had to get a note from our mom or dad. But if any one remember any of this or was in there at that time, maybe we can talk. Oh, and we had dances and the boys got to come to them too. Bye

    • teresa said,

      Hey Judy,
      My name is teresa, I was in scioto village in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I was in davey Hall. My favorite matron was Ma Nelson.
      she was a wonderful person. Of course there was also the devil. ms. Jackson.
      I remember the dances with the boys too. Gosh this brings back alot of memories. talk later, take care.

      • Barbara Woodson said,

        I graduated from there in 1974. Name was Barbara Conklin. Was in Davey.

      • Marsha said,

        I was in woodbine cottage in 66 and went back in 68 was in Davey cottage. Ma Simpkins was our cottage mother and I loved her to death. She looked just like Carol Burnett. I’ve read these horror stories posted here and I don’t remember no scrubbing on the floors with toothbrushes, no Doctor do unsubstanuated examinations. I do not remember any abuse of any kind except when a group of us stole indian ink and tatted ourselves while being in the honor room in the Woodbine cottage. We got busted and went to solitary for a week, took a paddling and that was it. I won a talent show contest singing the court of love. Ha Ha. wasn’t as bad as its been stated. And yes TICO dances were the bomb. Looking for Thelma Reynolds from Dayton Ohio

    • ruth berry forsythe said,

      judy, i was there in the pregnant cottage until i had my baby and then moved to another cottage, i graduated from there in aug 1972 and was released 10 days later, i now work at a medical supply warehouse that delivers supplies to scioto, i see women come pick up for them occasionally, i remember the dances and the smoking and making a friend linda straker who i have never heard from since i left. do you know how i can get a copy of my diploma it was lost in a fire

      • Ann said,

        Would like to know how to acquire a yearbook (63-64) from there.j

    • Pam Baldwin said,

      I was there in 1973/1974. I also remeber having to wash clothes on a washboard. I too do not remember the cottage I was in. I remember the dances. I also remember a pool table in the front room of the cottage. I remember walking on line and having a panty check before leaving the cottage. If you think we may have been there together write to me

      • Sherry said,

        hi Pam, I was there during that era..maybe we can brainstorm and help each other as I am looking for a baby boy if he was actually adopted out vs being stillborn like they had told me..idk…on a search

      • pamb0916 said,

        Hi Sherry, I was there in 1970. I am so sorry I messed up about the year I was there. The thing is I was in Riverview in 73 and 74 But I do know how they treated the girls that was pregnant. They always made up stories about the baby being stillborn or someone is taking care of the baby til you get out. It was crazy. They always had the girls sign papers when you were under and didn’t know exactly what you were doing. please Sherry find out what really happened with your baby. I am sure he/she is out there wondering where their mom really is. Take care and hope you find your child. Don’t stop looking

    • Deborah Jean Kosier said,

      I was there from Sept 1975 til April 1976, and remember a Deborah Wallace, pregnant, and a Tammie (last name?) also pregnant. I learned a lot, but was never the same. I was sent there for repeated truancy from school, and running away from a abusive home.

    • patti mann said,


      • Michael Mowery said,

        do you remember Lorraine Persinger,want to contact her.

      • Cynthia said,

        I was there in early 1970’s in Mapledale too. I played volleyball and remember my counselor drove a yellow VW bug with black drop top. I went to one dance when Riverview boys came to our gym. I hated the solitaire room!!!! My crime was running away from an abusive home and lying about the good lady that beat beat and tried to kill me. Go figure….

    • deb collins said,

      I was there most of 1970, in Hunter Cottage. My name then was Debbie Sargent and I was (still am!!) very small with way too much hair!! I remember a woman who used to teach macrame classes….don’t remember her name but she was so cool…she let us listen to Zeppelin and Santana while we were making cool stuff!! I also remember a teacher who had no larynx and talked by burping to force air out of her throat! I also remember a male teacher who was a perv….he made rum balls at Christmas time and kept giving them to me. he never really made any serious advances, though and that was the worst I encountered as far as that goes. I remember winning a poster contest in art class that made me eligible for state-wide competition, but I was not able to go because of where I was!!! That was pretty sad. I ended up becoming the president of the student council and president of my senior class. I was also the valedictorian at graduation.

    • crzzycindy said,

      I was there from sometime in 1969 and got out Jan/or Feb 1971 I graduated from there and was in Buckeye Cottage if memory serves me right

  9. Gail Jean Wheetley said,

    hi, I graduated there in 1971, think i was there around 2 years…..if my memory serves, i was in Ohio cottage, not sure and I spent some time in Galloway, there are several people I would like to find from there, it was like my home……Gail Minter was the name

    • ruth berry forsythe said,

      gail, i think i remember you, i was pregnant in 1970-71 and was moved to another cottage, cant remember which one, my little sister was there also, kathy berry, she was in ohio cottage, i live in pataskala now maybe we can correspond
      hope to hear from you soon
      ruth berry forsythe

    • Gail Jean Wheetley said,

      correction, I was in Hunter cottage

    • patti mann said,


      • Gail Jean Wheetley said,

        Yes Patti I also remember that place like yesterday, it was a big part of my life, I graduated ther in Jan. of 71. Had no family so was released a few months later on the terms that I go to Ohio State U, and they paid housing and a stipend for groceries and food and of course tuition and rent, and I was out on “parole”…..that lead to the rest of my tough learning experiences for years…

        Our class graduation song was “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and our saying was…”Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you”. I am seeing on here that there was a yearboook “Sci-Lites”, would sure love to purchase or get hold of that! My memories from there were basically pretty good, and I can’t remember ever being abused by the staff…threatened by the girls yes.

        In all agreement though I do believe probably “All” of us “hate” the system now as we are the brave, the proud and the silent, that survived or as they say today “fell through the cracks”…

      • Andrea Peet said,

        I was in the choir was fun… I remember they made a huge slip in slid one time and we put soap on it and slid down on the hill behind buckeye cottage, we also had a beauty salon to get our hair done if we were good. They gave us good incentives for good behaviors..we always got Christmas presents to..we used to get in trouble for writing letters to the boys and hiding them in the school and stuff lol

      • Rita said,

        I was one of the ones that went to this insitution in the 70’s.
        I need to get transcripts from my graduating there. Do you know where I should look?
        I also graduated at the same time was in the choir. Can’t remember who was the teacher ither but graduated salutorion. That year.
        My name then was Rita Worden. Am looking on how to get a yearbook and transcript. Now live in California.

    • Helen Altman said,


  10. Sally Reece said,

    My mother was there in the 1940s, probably until 1945-46. Does anyone who was there remember Margie Wisner?

  11. ruth berry forsythe said,

    can any one tell me how to get my diploma from scioto, i graduated in 1972 august and was released 10 days later to zanesville, ohio
    thanks in advance, ruth

    • Pam Baldwin said,

      I have a number for you to get a transcript of your diploma from there I just called and they are sending mine out for me. The number you would call is 740-881-3250. Ask for Ms Lopes. She will get you to the correct person. When you call push 0 for operator. I hope this helps. Scioto Village Youth Services in Delaware would be the people to contact…….Pam

      • Deborah Jean Kosier said,

        Thanks Pam, I also completed a sewing course ther, and I won 4 Blue Ribbons at the Stae Fair!

  12. Jeanette Dent Kellie said,

    I still have a friend that i was looking for,My name was Jeanette Dent when I went to Scioto,back in1987 I got released in aug 1988 all together I did 15 months. I still wonder how my friends that i met there are doing,Lawanna Blanco from Alber,New Mexico,and Carrie Dewey from Dayton,OHIO. I hope and pray that they are in good health.

    • Tieannaca said,

      I was there in 87 and 88 I was in Buckeye and then I came back and went to Mapledale My Last name is Tooson.

    • Shelley said,

      Are you from the Youngstown area?

    • Alexandra v. said,

      I was there to at that time I ended up trying to commit suicide so they sent me away. Alexandra v.

    • carrie said,

      Hi jeanette I was so surprised to see your name are you? my name now is carrie johnson .so good to know your ok!

    • Carrie Johnson said,

      Hey chic! I’m Carrie Johnson now I’m doing good how about you? I hope to hear from you!

    • sciotavillageblog said,

      Hello Brenda, so sorry for the bad memories. What years were you there. I was there in 85 to 86… Always here if you need to talk.

  13. mary stevenson said,

    i graduated in 1971, remember mrs jackson and mrs nelson from my cottage. would like to have my diploma, was the first graduate from that place to go to college!!

    • ruth berry forsythe said,

      mary, i just recieved my diploma, or my grades with graduated on it from 1972 from a wonderful woman, here is her name and phone number, syliva van leer
      department of youth services 740-881-8083 or send your request to 7990 dubllin rd, delaware, ohio 43015 this is the bureau of records and sentence computation, silvia is a wonderful woman and will help you in any way she can, i hope you can get yours and have a wonderful christmas…… god bless…. ruth berry forsythe

      • Pam Baldwin said,

        Thank you for the info on how to get your grades/diploma. I have been on this computer all morning. I appreciate the info. I called sylvia and left a message. I hope she will get back with me soon.I need it for a job I am trying to get. When you recieved your did it have the seal imprinted on it. That is what I need

      • ruth berry forsythe said,

        pam I hope you got your paper work from syliva and mine didn t have any seal, sorry to not answer sooner but just got back on the site
        best of luck ruth berry forsythe

      • Michael Mowery said,

        I need a record of any kind on Lorrain Persinger,was between 1969 and 1972,id love to find her,who do I contact to find information out about her?

    • Deborah Collins said,

      Hi Mary. I also graduated in 1971….in Jan. I was 1971 class president and president of our student council. I was the one who raised hell because of the crates of produce, etc ., coming in with G.I.S. stamped on them. We got punished for calling it that….had to call it scioto.

      • Teresa Smith said,

        Hi Deborah! I left S.V in Aug. of 1971. I love Ms. Nelson, but can’t say the same for Jackson. They made me leave after graduation. Soon after I was sent there, me and another girl went through the kitchen window and ran. We were caught a day later. I can’t remember her name but would love to talk to her.

      • Deborah Collins said,

        Hi Teresa….. I got to leave immediately after graduation, in Jan. I was sent there for skipping school, which I did because I was bullied and picked on at school. Started hanging out with a much older crowd, who introduced me to the world of drugs, which resulted in me skipping even more school…lol. My sentence was incarceration until I graduated or turned 18, whichever came first. I graduated, six months early, in January and turned 18 the following June.

      • Deborah Collins said,

        Teresa….were you in hunter cottage? Before Jan of 1971?

      • Teresa Smith said,

        Deborah, I was in Davy Cottage. I was sent there is 1968 I believe.

  14. Terri Bies said,

    Hi..My name is Teressa (Terri back then) and I was there in 1980 and also in Davey Cottage..Don’t remember that much about it however, I do remember the assigned smoke breaks and the big wooden box that contained our cigarettes and the little store we would be allowed to go to when we had money to buy little extra’s.

    • Wanda Clark said,

      Oh, Yeah, I almost forgot about the little store! I never got visitors and only received money once to be able to go to Canteen. So that was almost a flyby lol.

    • Tara Foster said,

      Terri,you & I were in Davey Cottage at the same time I believe.I was the tall skinny pregnant girl w/curly hair,LOL.I remember a few of the girls.,hope I get the names right…….There was a girl named Lacy??that had a damaged arm that was in a police shootout that was amazing good at art,a girl named named Michelle that was there because she & her brother killed their dad,a black girl named Karen that was pregnant,a CRAZY but funny girl named Karlotta??Message me if this rings a bell please..

      • Sheila Borders said,

        I remember Michelle ( Patterson ) I believe. I was there for a year from 85-86 … I think … I have looked for some girls I met there with no luck . So Keisha Winters , Mona Tall , Stephanie Edgington I hope where ever you are , you are ok 🙂

      • Teressa (Terri) Bies said,

        OMG Tara, How awesome that you remember that. I do remember you and the girl in the shoot out was stacy. How are you? Where are you now? Email me at and absolutely let’s talk. Been so long. Hope you are well and healthy.

    • heather said,

      I was there in 1981 in Davey cottage, I’m looking for Mrs Stallworth . She help me become the women. I am today. Scioto village really changed my life😇if she still works there some please pass this message 💕

  15. Amy Jude (@abjude) said,

    i was born here in 1968 i would like 2 knew is there record of me i had a birthdefect and you flew me 2 Chrildren’s hospital please my name is Amy Beth Butcher and my mothers name is Shron Kay Butcher conntect me at 614-476-8505 or on faceboor,twittr,and yahoo. thanks 4 ur patience sincerly Amy,Butcher Jude

  16. Marsha F said,

    April 21, 2012
    I was in Scioto village in the mid 60’s because i was simply hard headed and did not want to follow my mother’s rules. I was eleven years old when I was sent to Scioto Village. Twice I was there. I did not experience cleaning floors on my hands and knees, not did we do any cleaning with toothbrushes. My experience is one that I will always remember. I do not remember any sexual abuse towards anyone if so it was not spoken of. I went to school, won a talent show and met the most beautiful person in the world. Mrs. Simpkins. She was our cottage parent in Davey Hall. She reminded me of Carol Burnett. She was a close twin to Carol as well. I grew up after the second time. I learned a lot of life’s lessons during my time at Scioto Village. But the memories are positive and will remain in my heart.

    • ruth said,

      sounds like you were one of the lucky ones, i was a runaway in 1969-1971
      i ran away from the OS AND SO Home in xenia, ohio . they got tired of me, running and having to bring me back so i was sent to scioto. i did 10 months there with my sister, kathy. there was alot of abuse by the girls, and lots of sexual activities, which i never joined in, but it will always remain with me my time there forever. god bless and good luck in your life.
      ruth berry forsythe

      • gail said,

        Ruth, I have to know you, I spent the same years there, can’t remember the cottage I was in, would know it if I heard it again, it was next door to Davey cottage. I was Gail Minter then, graduated in Jan of 71 there at the Village got out a few months later. Do you remember Carloyn Mayo, she died in the infirmary there, we had to all go get a vaccination for what she died from, she wasn’t in cottage with us/the other girls for long. Blessings to you and I hope your life has turned to a better path now that you have been in control of it. My counselor was Laurie Beriebauer. O and a night watch lady named Ms. Bunks or Banks and I remember a teacher named Mrs. Green, now that I am sooo old some of the peoples names are leaving me.

      • teresa smigh said,

        I too was in scioto village (davey hall) in the late 60’s. I remember Mrs Nelson and a nasty women, Ms Jackson. Me and another girl broke out the kitchen window and ran away. Her home was in columbus and her parents were on vacation. We got into her house and was getting all dressed up for a big night on the town when the police showed up and dragged us back. Her neighbor seen the curtains closed and called the police. lol.

      • ruth berry forsythe said,

        gail, and stepanie,
        i do remember a girl named mosey that died but didnt know her, my sister was there with me kathy berry and she was in davey hall. i was pregnant at the time so i was in the pregnant cottage, cant even remember the name , my life is much better and i am married for 20 years almost and have two fine sons and 5 grandchildren. i still am able to work so i will till i die i guess or hit the lottery. god bless both of you and hope the best for you both
        ruth berry forsythe

      • machinist492002 said,

        im looking for Lorraine Persinger that was there between 1969-1971,if you kmow her or how to contact her,please contact me.Mike Mowery 419-777-7338

    • pam hudson said,

      i was in davey hall, maybe 1976 or ’75. i totally remember mrs. simpkins and the needle trades teacher. i’m sad that the girls who came after experienced abuse and violence, i was unaware of anything like that during my time. i was treated with kindness and respect by everyone, basically. it was actually a nice peaceful time-out in my teen life. but i don’t think there were a lot of actual criminals there aside from truants and runaways. things have really changed.

    • Deborah Jean Kosier said,

      My memories are positive too. After I got home, I wanted to go back!

    • Wanda Clark said,

      I absolutley agree with you, except for the toothbrush, I did have to do that, but wasn’t as bad as what it is made out to be, and I never had to do it again, I guess you could say I learned my lesson. I did however hear rumors about a couple other dorms tho and was greatful for where I was at. When I was sent there for the first time, I did get sent to the hole a couple times for fighting, but never had to be butt naked, yes, there was no furniture and my food was passed to me through a whole in the door and that was about it. The fighting stemmed from my first few group meetings. The first couple group meetings was dealing with others, then it seemed to turn to me. I had became very angry and agitated and would jump up and throw chairs and fight with the others because I was very stubborn and hot headed at the time, because I felt I was being attacked and WHO WERE THEY to tell me anything >>as they were also locked up!!! As a returnee, given my same room,it was as if I had returned home. I too am greatful for being sent there. I needed this intervention in my life, because without it, I’m sure my life would have taken a different path (DARK, UNTRUSTING AND LONELY)! Today, I have my 3 sons and 5 beautiful grandchildren of which I am very proud of. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

      • faith pangle said,

        I do belive I remember you wanda mac hall

    • Barbara Woodson said,

      I was in Davey Cottage and I remember Mrs. Simpkins so well!!! She was such a great person! I was there in 1974 and she was still there then.She reminded me of Carol Burnett too! My memories are also. positive and in my heart. It is nice to have ran across someone who has the same memory of Mrs.(Millie) Simpkins.

  17. stephanie bass said,

    I lived there when miss mildred grey taught there she was teriffic I graduated from there in 1969 it was a great experience made lots of friends and teachers were great to . We need a class reunion. Miss everyone. Luv ya. Stef. Reply please

    • stephanie bass said,

      If someone who has a yearbook a lot of faces can go with names I graduated jan 69 . How can I get a yearbook. If anyone remembers me call me stephanie bass4403909554. I remember gym class biology class. Don’t remember what dorm I was in maybe someone can remind me . We had talent nite n this one girl always sang the same song every time RESPECT every time.marysville women always came over to visit.I remember goood times n good friends n teachers. House parents I guess I was there at the rite time . Sorry I had to leave .good memories.miss u all stephanie bass

      • Deborah Baron-Chenault said,

        I have a yearbook ’68……..will have to look you up…graduated May 1968.

  18. deborah sargent collins said,

    Gail…. I graduated from SVSG in Jan. of 1971, was actually the senior class president and valedictorian at graduation. my name then was Debbie Sargent and I came frome Richland County Jail in Mansfield. Are you the Gail I was there with?

    • crzzycindy said,

      I graduated also January 1971 I believe I was in Buckeye cottage
      they sang Lift every Voice and Sing I can’t recall right now what the other one was.

  19. deborah sargent collins said,

    I was in Hunter Cottage and there was a Mrs. Banks who was so sweet. she used to let me and a couple of my friends out of our rooms after the other girls were asleep. We would roll the “state” cigarettes (Bugler for the girls who smoked but did not have their own cigarettes) I also remember one night, after I had been placed in the “honor room” downstairs, I snuck out of the transom window while Mrs. Banks was in the kitchen spraying for bugs. I scared her so bad I thought she was gonna have a heart attack!! I felt horrible but she was ok after a bit.

  20. Gail Jean Wheetley said,

    I’m sorry Deb, yes I am the Gail you were there with!!! although, I have forgotten exactly who you are :(, but those memories you posted are my memories too, Mrs. Banks used to let me out too…I was in an honor room downstairs with Floretta Calhoun, and yes I also graduated Jan. of 71. Hope life is well for you now…If you want to chat my personal email is….blessings to ya, I am also on facebook my name is now Gail Jean Wheetley

    • deborah sargent collins said,

      I don’t actually remember you either…just remember there was a girl named Gail in Hunter Cottage when I was there. I can describe myself easily by saying I was most likely the smallest girl there. I hung around mostly with 2 girls…Fran Best and Debbie (I’m gonna butcher the spelling of her last name) Sicinolfi. Don’t remember who my roommates were in the honor room except that one girls name was Debbie, a small black girl who was real uppity-like. Remember the play the school put on…”South Pacific”? and the “senior Prom” before graduation? I remember reading “The Scarlet Letter” in lit class. the lesbians/bi-sexuals were called “sillies”.

      • teresa smith said,

        I remember the play ” South Pacific”. It took my breath. I was in davey hall. I wish I could remember some of the girls names. I had been their so long, they made me leave after my 18th birthday. I didn’t want to go. that was in aug. of 71. If any one reads this that was in davey in 1966 through 1971, I would love to hear from you. My name was teresa smith.

      • crzzycindy said,

        I was in that play too South Pacific unfortunately I can’t sing so you know where they put me lol just part of the cast. If you remember it was awesome the guys came in from the back down to the stage singing Bloody Mary is the Girl I Love and it sounded fantastic. That was one of the very few happy moments of my stay there; that play

  21. Sharon said,

    Wow, I didn’t expect to find this type of blog on Scioto Village. They are horrible memories for me. I was pregnant, soon to be 18 years old, and ran away, because of sexual and physical abuse at home. Back then you didn’t tell. So in 1974, I was picked up for being a runaway. I had run to my boyfriends house because my dad had beaten me up, only then to have him beat me up. I was so badly beaten, he wouldn’t let me call home until the bruises healed. My mom came to pick me up and then turned me over to authorities. I was sentenced. They told me I would have to stay there and have the baby and they would take the baby from me. I had also heard the stories of the plunger and ramped girls were sexually active with one another. I was pregnant so they put me in a cottage with more mature pregnant girls. The horrible stuff that happened in the clinic and the creepy doctor and his nurse still haunt me to this day. No one at that time got out of there with their babies. No one. However, there was a pregnant girl who was engaged to a military guy who was also pregnant and for the first time ever they were going to allow her to leave pregnant and get married. So I fought the system as well, and won. Thankfully, I got out under the conditions I would be getting married and my boyfriend would have to have provisions for me. I’m grateful they never checked because he didn’t have them. I remember one gal having her baby and the extreme sadness she had because the baby had been taken from her. I also remember mrs. Simpkins. I do have pictures of some of the gals I was there with. I was there in the spring 1974. The only good thing was the pastor or priest who came around. He would come talk to me a lot. I remember he said I was different and shouldn’t be there, but there was nothing anyone could do. I was the only Jewish person there and so for our High Holy Days, he took me to a Passover Seder. My parents visited regularly and I would beg them to allow me to come home. The nightmares were constant as you heard the slamming closed the metal doors and you were locked in for the night. Sorry for rambling, but I too wonder if anyone else has still experienced PTSD from the trauma there. The girls in other cottages seemed to be far worse. They would do things just to be spiteful and mean. The girls at my cottage, primarily were actually pretty cool. Yes, floors were scrubbed on hands and knees and sometimes with toothbrushes. Lastly, I eventually moved out to california where I actually became a deputy sheriff. The law is so different now. You cannot arrest a runaway. You cannot even put runaways in with juvenile delinquents. I truly would love to sue the state of Ohio for what they took from me. No one bothered to find out why I was running away. I guess back then we had no voice. Feel free to jot me a line. My name is Sharon. My email is

    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      Sharon, I could say so much as my mother and some of her 14 siblings were there in the 1940’s. Right now I would like to give you an option that works for me. Ask your doctor about a medication they have found that helps PTSD. It is called “Prazocin”. You can find it on Wikipidia at a drug for PTSD too. Later

    • faith wallace said,

      were you in mac hall I was there in 1974 jan-oct I would love to see your oictures

    • Cheri Payne said,

      Hello Sharon I was in Scioto Village in 1974 also. I was in Davey cottage. I was on the school newspaper. Not to many memories.

    • faith pangle said,

      were you in ac hall I was there in 1974 also pregnant

      • faith pangle said,

        that’s supposed to say mac hall

  22. Carolyn C. said,

    I was a 1968 graduate of SVS4G, I resided at Buckeye cottage. I had good memories there. Scioto Village Helped shaped and moled my life. Scioto offered you what ever you were looking 4. I will could never forget my experience there. Bill Cook was the school principle, and Hammie (Jean Hamilton) was the Phyd ED teacher. Mr Close was an administrator.

    • Leora said,

      I was there from sometime in 65 until I graduated in Aug, 67.. had some good time’s and had some bad.. maybe we knew each other. I can’t remember alot.. did 2 many late 60’s drugs after I was released in 67. took off to Calif till 75.. straight now since then. Been Married and growing old with memories of face’s from the past my name was Leora Jean Patten, (Jean)

      • ruth forsythe said,

        i was there in 1971-1972 i was pregnant , and had my little girl july 4th 1972. i graduated in Aug. 18, 1972 i did get my little girl back after 6 months but they took her away 2 months later. said i was not a fit mom because i had quit my job and was dating and not coming in on time.
        I meet my little girl for the first time 2 years ago, we talked for 6 hours and she is a prosecutor for children dept. now. how irrantic……….. she is so beautiful and such a nice person, i thank god for finding her and her finding me. I was there at scioto village with my sis, kathy berry, she left before me, in june 1972. we were used to the establishment and the rules because be grew up in the OSAND SO HOME ORPHANAGE IN XENIA. we were considered runaways so they got tired of having to pay to bring us back, I used to do drugs and drink back in the 70 but old age makes you wiser and now i am a christian and believe God is my strength and jesus is my savior. I wish you blessings and happiness in your life and was glad to tell you about myself.
        ruth berry forsythe
        pataskala, oh

      • Carol Byler said,

        I was there in 1965 had my daughter Nov 15 1965 graduated from cosmetology school 1966 I think that was the year of graduation I have to go and research my records but i know for sure that was when my daughter was born in there hospital there Scioto

      • ann smith said,

        Left there April 27th 1964. I also remember lots of faces but now almost as if they were ghosts. Don’t have any horror stories to tell. I guess I was fortunate. But I have been reading these all day. I am so so sorry for what you ladies had to endure.

      • Beth Cruz said,

        Does anyone remember a red-haired pregnant girl in the late 50’s? Her name was Shirley Marlene Fraley and she usually went by Marlene. She has passed away in 1972 and I am looking for my mother’s history. Thank you. Beth

    • Patti Mann said,

      Mr. Close….I remember him well….and believe me….not in a good way…..the State of Ohio should never allowed that man to do that job!

    • Johnie Mae said,

      I’m not sure, but you and I may have resided in the same cottage. My name is Johnie Mae. (Maiden name: Hill at the time). Just lately, I’ve been thinking about some of the girls I met there; Charlotte Miller, Cheryl Moore; Crystal Evans; Mattie Young; Mom Bates; Mama Johnson, etc. Mr. Close would come in to visit every day and one of the girls named Pearl was infatuated with him. LOL. The Carolyn I knew was from Cleveland, Ohio. At least that is what I think. I would really like to know how many of these young women are doing. Wish we could somehow gather together for a reunion of some sort. email me if this is the correct person.

    • Johnie Mae said,

      are you Carolyn Cartwright? From Cleveland, Ohio. (I think)

  23. Ernie Everley said,

    Hi all, my name is Ernie Everley and I was in Sioto village in 1980 and 82. I keept running away from there so thay sent me to Riverview School for Boys late in 1982 (across the Street).SV was coed back then.I was in Buckeye cottage and Woodbine. I remember the most the “cottage Parent” Mr. “Dead Eye” Horsley. older black fellow. allways cought us doing things becouse you could not tell wich way he was looking 🙂 I worked in the boiler room and remember a lot of good times there, I was 13yo and had my first love and supposeily impegnated a girl named Libby there, we all exparimented with sex, i used to sneek into Davies and hang with the girls there. we got 6 cigarettes a day there “bug dust” as it was called becouse of the little red mites that were in each bag. we would soak the tobacco in water and dry it out to make it easer and less harsh to smoke. Mrs Jeeter was another cottage Parent whome thankfully was tranfered to Riverview and I cought up with her at riverview. she was like a mother to me and I miss her to this day. if anyone knows or remembers Libby (last name lost to time) please e-mail me at

  24. Tameka Abrams said,

    Hello my name is Tameka Abrams, I was housed in Davey Cottage in 1992,my name was Tameka Houston at the time,looking to catch up with some of my old friends,Is there a log of the inmates from back then?

    • micquael walker said,

      my name is micquael walker i was also in davey im really bad wit names but i metso memrable people n wud luv to get n touch wit people also so so if u contact me thtll b great.

    • Sheryl said,

      We’re you in davey with a Hispanic girl Tanya?

    • David Williams said,

      Ernie I spent some time with you at BYC in like 1984 I was in 59 my name is David Williams I also know mike workman Ricky Pittman etc

    • Andrea Peet said,

      How long were u there Cruz or name sounds familiar..everyone called me peet

    • Nicole Brown said,

      Were you from Cincinnati? My name is Nicole Brown, I believe I was there in 93 or 94

    • Rebekah Cline said,

      I was in Allmon in ’92 till ’96 my name is Rebekah Cline

    • Sarah Obryan said,

      Hi. I was on Davey 2/92-5/92. I’ve always wondered how to get in touch w my ole friends. This is wild. I do not recall your name. I was there when Mr O. was messing w a girl there, Shew long ago

  25. Carol Byler said,

    I am blown away at this website my friend and I have been talking about this place I have a picture of Mrs Pyant the cosmetology teacher. I also have a picture with 4 girls there names are Sally Mitchell, Mildred McDay, Joyce Copley, Pat Thompson It was taken Aug of 1964

    • Carol Byler said,

      I would love to hear drom anyone that was in GIS I wrote a book about my past

      • Julie Roe Serrato said,

        I would love to read your book Carol. I was there in 1974 or 75 and was in Buckeye Cottage. Many memories, good and bad!

      • gene barnes said,

        my mom was in davey hall in the late 50’s she was wondering if their are any of her friends still living my mom’s name was judith elaine nelson if their is please contact her on my e-mail address at this is my face book account also.

      • Johnie Mae said,

        Hi Carol. I also wrote a Book about my Past, Entitled “Now I Lay Me Down TO Sleep and I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep. What about yours?

    • Trudie Swain was Dickson said,

      was there in the early 60 can not remember the cottage. I remember one girl her name was lolotta benson.No bad memorise was only 15 or 16 at the time

      • stephanie bass said,

        Does anyone know where. I cas get yearbook for the year67 68

      • Johnie Mae said,

        Oh my! I remember Lolita Benson. She was the best vocalist in the entire place. Remember when she would sing for us on Sundays? I’ve often wondered what happened to her. I wrote a book about my childhood and Lolita was included in it. My name is Johnie Mae. Was Hill at the time I was incarcerated there. Trying to locate many others who I befriended while there.

  26. shana said,

    My husbands mother was born there in 1941 – how do I find records – her mother somehow brought the baby home and married a military man who adopted her – my husbands grandmother who had the baby was only 16 years old at the time – it seems like we are very lucky to have had time with mom. She passed away and I am not sure how much of this she even knew in her lifetime – where excactly she was born or what her mother went through.

    • Patricia Mann said,

      Most records of birth can be found in the county where the child was born. Check with Delaware County……I would call city hall there and ask questions.
      I too was once in Sciota Village……but years after the birth of your Mother in law was born there. I wish I could be of more help. Good luck with your research, I hope you find out all you want to.
      Happy Holidays to you and your family.
      Patti Mann

  27. Patricia Mann said,

    Happy Holidays to all SV ladies and gents…..And your families.
    Patti Mann (maiden name Smith) …
    Was in Mapledale Cottage in 70-71.
    Anyone that was there about that time, may contact me at…..

    • Wanda Clark said,

      Thank You , Happy Holidays to you also. Was in Woodbine cottage in 72-74>>>> was a returnee, once out of there for the second time. I wa s shipped to Riverview. It was not co-ed at that time. It was a fenced in maximum securitiy facility. At Sciota, Mrs. Taylor was my Social worker, Dr. Green was my Psychiatrist, and I will never forget my math Teacher Mr. Flowers… he had the most perfect huge afro and always playe Earth, wind and Fire in the background which had a soothing effect on me. I was a bit of a firecracker! I rememeber getting to be on stage when up with people came, which led me to ths site. I learned how to play canasta there and a girl named Dreama taught me how to crochet.While ofther girls parents were furnishing them their cartons of ciggeretts, the state did provide me with mine, and I’ll never forget one Christmas how my co’s all got together and bought me a carton of REAL cigs for Christmas :). I did have to scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush because I did something I shouldnt’ have and lied about . Howerever I never felt abused by that type of punishment, it gave me time to be alone and think about my actions, to me that was nothing compared to the beatings I took at home!!!!!! Sciota was where I learned Archery for the first time, and I loved it. On saturdays we had to buff floors and clean, I didn’t mind that either, because we all knew that once it was done , we girls would get to move the furniture and line up in rows to dance as we watched Soul Train. Then it was playing Jacks time, omg, those big ol cement floors was the best to play jack on and I have to admit, I was awesome! lolthen after diner it was time to take trns playing canasta with our dorm parents. They Rocked!Anyways, this blog has brought back alot of memories that I still hold dear to my heart from tim e to time. When I look back, I can’t help but be greatful, because if I wasn’t put someplace, I know I would have ended up dead or in prison. It was because of being given duties (responsibilities) and proper punishments (leassons), that I can say I am an abused latchkey child SURVIVOR! Brighest Blessings to You all…….. Wanda Clark

      • Wanda Clark said,

        Oh btw, there are Times I still wonder whatever came of linda redman, she was a girl in our dorm, who fled when her parents came to pick her up and go off campus for a couple hours, She fled and tried to jump a train and missed, it cut her leg off from just below the knee. I rememebr when she came back, she would dig at her wound to try and open it up so she could go to the hospital to try another ecsape. I sure hope she is doing well in her life now!

      • Patti Mann said,

        Thank you for the update about your life, then and now.
        I am glad you got something more out of SV then I did.
        I did laugh at your story….it brought back more memories for me ….the dancing to Soul Train….we did that too….in Maple Dale cottage….and having to clean ….but I either minded doing that.
        I wish more SV girls would get on this site..
        By the way…SV was not co-ed when I was there….Thank God for that….I was wild enough as it was back then….whewwwww!
        Take care and stay in touch…..we will share stories….
        Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones….

      • pamb0916 said,

        I was in SV in 73-74 I graduted from there in 1974. I dont have very good memories of that place. I am thinking I was in Buckeye Cottage but am not sure about that. I dont remember names when I was there. I do remember a girl named Pam. We were in the honor room. But then she ran away. They did catch her and believe it or not she was released be4 I was. I didnt get that. Anyway no one ever came to visit me so I got permission to go out with her and her parents. We always had fun. Happy Holidays to all of you. And take care. Pamela Thomas (name used when I was there)

      • Wanda Clark said,

        Hi Patti, it wasn’t co-ed when I was there either, I don’t think thts a good mix, with confused , scared young girls,, god bless u too 🙂

      • Sandy said,

        I read what you said, and this the first that I heard anyone mention Riverview. I want to hear more. I left in 71, and to this day, have a lot of my same friends that I met there. I learned a lot from being there, but the only problem I ever had was people being prejudice. That was my first experience. Please tell me anything you remember about Riverview. And, what is it called now.

      • Florence said,

        My name is Florence, I was in Woodbine and I remember Dreama. She wasn’t there for long with me, I think my time was April thru October in ’74…I remember Mrs.Pat, canasta, Spades, I worked in the canteen…tall with long black hair.

      • Cindy Kelley said,

        Wanda, her name was Brenda Redman and last time I talked to her 2015 she was doing good.

  28. Patricia Mann said,

    Correction on my part…..The graduation class song that was used was ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. I have no idea why I thought it was ‘Let It Be’, Guess I am getting more forgetfull then I want to admit. Lol
    Did you by chance know Fran Best? I still have a picture of her! She had longer dark brown hair. I would love to find her, give her that picture.
    I am glad you went to OSU…I hope you received a good education.
    Take care and do have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
    I would go back to Ohio for a SV reunion, if possible.
    I am still friends with girls I met there, and remember many more.
    Who do you remember?
    Memories of the boys coming to the dances are funny, oh how we all thought we were so cool!
    I remember me and my room-mate Janet Bowlick had everyone in our cottage hating us for awhile…..the boys pulled up on the bus to come to the dance….Janet and I flashed them by pulling up our shirts…the driver saw us too….we were so stupid thinking only the boys would see us.
    The driver told on us, we were then sent to our room to stay the rest of the evening. And the dance was cancelled. The girls were upset, and we later heard that the boys commented that seeing us (flash them) was worth loosing a dance time. That did not go over very well with our cottage Mom at the time. She really layed a guilt trip on me and Janet about being ladies and not bad girls. I was a smart mouth and told her I wanted to be a bad girl, she threw me out of the little office upstairs by our rooms and made me stay in my room another 24 hours. Janet could not stop laughing at me, but Mom thought she was crying and felt sorry for her. Janet and I are still best friends to this day, and talk by phone all the time. We don’t talk too much of SV, but when we do…..we laugh alot over this story. At Scioto I learned to defend myself, and only had one fight. That girl hit me first, we were in the dining area of our cottage. The girl called me names, then threw something like bread at me calling me a stinking hippie. I started to leave the area and she hit me, so I hit her back and from there it was hissing and nails and hair flying from us both. The other girls were laughing and leaders were trying to stop the fight, sending both us girls to our rooms. Janet came up later, locked in as well for using choice words at the leader.
    The leader then left her shift and another one came on, she let me and Janet out of our rooms and told us she was only sorry that I had not beat that girls butt even more. I saw her the next day and she had a black eye and a bold spot on her head. My worst was a few broken nails and scratches from her nails.
    This girl ended up at RiverView across the street from SV. She got out, was sent back in the system for beating her little brother three years old. We heard she almost killed him. Later in years I thought about her, and how sad it was that she was so messed up from her problems that violence was her only way out.
    The abuse towards me was only from employees, I can’t call the fight I had abuse.
    Take care Gail.
    HO HO HO….
    Contact me at if you would like

    • Deborah Collins said,

      Fran Best was one of the two girls that I hung out with, my two best friends when I was there!!!! I have tried so hard to find her, but no luck. The other was Debbie Sicinolfi (not sure how it’s spelled)
      I would really love seeing the picture of Fran…..

  29. Patricia Mann said,

    Hey everyone….why don’t we start posting before and after pictures if we have them…..any years…..maybe we can find more of our friends from our SV days if you have them.
    I will dig my pictures out and start a photo gallery, Will do so after the holidays when I have more time.

  30. Teresa said,

    Hi All
    I have been looking for any one that was in Davey Hall between 1965 – 1970.
    I was their and can’t remember any names. Teresa Smith

  31. Brenda Jones said,

    Hi my name is Brenda Jones and I was also sent there by Cleveland Ohio’s juvenile court system even though the judge did not agree with sending me anywhere but home,My story is similar to alot of yours,but also very unique and tragic,Finding this site tonight has given me a profound reason to always keep believing in myself after reading the comments of others.You see,I have always felt so alone in my life after my stay at sv. Iv’e never gotten over it,or ever forgotten it.Because of what I experienced before during and after sv,I now suffer with ptsd with panick attack disorder.My mother didnt want me anymore after her marriage ended with my father, She was angry depressed and drinking heavy so she went to court and told the judge i was incorrageable, even though there was no evidence of this any where.When the judge presented her with that fact and asked her to take me home, she said she felt I wasn’t ready to come home and thats when the judge stated then I have to send her to the Ohio Youth Commission,and from there i was shipped out to scioto villiage.There are a lot of memory’s for me and none were pleasant.We were constantly being theatened with being walked across the street to the river view prison that we were told by staff was underground and you couldn’t see out the windows and your’e never allowed outside.Every time i had kitchen duty,they’d have that back door to the kitchen open where riverview would constantly be starring you in your face,the place looked like a huge death house,with no sign of life and very dark looking.Remember those dances because, a boy who lived in my neighborhood was in mansfield for killing my next door childhood friend accidently over a game of russion rulet came to our cottage for one of those dances.Anyone remember a girl named Sareathea who was gay and had a lover there in Hayes cottage.I was in the room next to Sareathea and remember how Sareathea went off when her lover named Jo JO was escorted across the street to riverview,Anyone out there knows how i can get my records that were sealed by the same judge that sent me there and ordered me released after 6 months of being there and stated to me that he never should have sent me away,but there were no openings at any foster homes at the time.any one wants to talk please contact me by email.

    • Carol Byler said,

      Brenda I know we all have memories from GIS I have learned to let them go and let God heal those wounds It is hard to imagine that they even had a place like that. I am 65 now and I was only a teenager at the time. I hope you are doing okay.

    • ruth forsythe said,

      hi brenda, your name sounds firmilar, i was in 1971-1972. graduated from there, i was pregnant and had the baby in july 4, 1972. my sister was there with me, we were run aways from the ohio soldiers and salors orphan home in xenia, ohio. i was not an orphan, both my parents were alive and divorced. they just got so tired of having to pay to bring us back to the childrens home, i ran away 22 times in 5 years. i know all about panic disorders, my x husband had them back in 1979 and it was from spending time in viet nam, he was always on xanex, and they have a web site for others that have this disorder. panic attacks
      well, hope your christmas was good. gods blessing to you
      ruth berry forsythe

      • shelly stonestreet said,

        hello i to was sent to scioto village i think it was 1982/83 or real close i was lucky because i was little only 12 when i was sent too sv. my crime was wrong place wrong time i was found sleeping in a car in the woods while the older ppl. teens were breaking in too a house they got caught and the cops found me sleeping in the car … and sent to tobin center from there to sv. i would like to find laura colemen tara colbert and fayla allison she was like 10 years old i think the that ran it was mr. ball and i was there with one of the girls that had ran away from sv. years earlier and had married and had babies and was i beleave of age when they found her and returned her to finish her time out

    • Nancy Roberts said,

      The name JoJo is so familiar to me. I do not remember the cottage name only that it was supposed to be the more mature girls cottage. I remember the day I arrived and looking up at all those stairs in the main building.

  32. Brenda Jones said,

    Happy New Year’s every one,hope you had a great one and safe one.I had a safe and quiet one at home with my family. OK ,listen up anyone interested,I’m in the middle of writing my biography and would like to inclulde our experiences of scioto village and, anyone seriously interested and not ashamed of their past,please contact me at 914-422-0290 during daytime hours, during weekdays and weekends.

    • Wanda Clark said,

      This is wonderful, I hope the experiences that are written about have a healing affect on many trouble teens, this may have passed for us, but is just the beginning for many more. Maybe even your book can be a part of SV program and read by everyone there. Nice Job!

  33. Brenda Jones said,

    I’d also like to have a more involved discussion of each of our experiences at scioto village.Agaain,please contact me at 914-422-0290,during daytime hrs. weekdays and weekends.

    • patti mann said,

      I would love to call and chat…..thanks for the offer….will be doing so soon….
      Best Regards,
      Patti Mann ( Maiden name was Smith) I was in Mapledale cottage 70-71

      • pamb0916 said,

        I think that was the time I was in there. I am not exactly sure. I dont remember what cottage I was in either. My maiden name was Pamela Thomas.

  34. pamb0916 said,

    I had posted a while back that I was there in 74 and that I had graduated from there. I was wrong I think I was there in 70-71. I was also across the street at Riverview That is where I graduated from Not GIS

  35. Sharon said,

    Hi I am Sharon, posted up around July 2012. I have noticed many of us have similar horror stories. I am looking into a class action law suit against the state of Ohio, failure to protect, confinement, psychological and physical injuries. I am also looking into speaking to a publicist. Anyone who wants to be on board, email me at I was there in 1974. Pregnant, dealt with the sick doctor. There because I was a runaway. They wanted to take my baby away. Others were forced to sign adoption. A girl named Brenda and I were the first two to be released pregnant and allowed to marry. I was held beyond my 18th birthday. My daughter was born with a birth defect and I often wonder if what happened there may have caused this. Blessings to all of you who survived, Sharon

    • stephanie bass said,

      Happy n blessed new yr for all of my sv girls who had good times and also for those who were not as fortunate to have had a great experience. And thank the blessed stars I turned out ok .not like these kids out here now who haven’t had disipline and who might not have a future. Hold ur head up and keep goin. Sometime doin the rite thing ain’t easy but but if u don’t look back n keep goin foreward good things will happen. Be blessed don’t let the bastards gring u responsible for ur life blame no one.ur who u hang with. Amen lol.

      • Sharon said,

        Hey Stephanie,
        You were blessed to of had good times. I must say the comment you made about getting over it and no one to blame was ourselves was inaccurate and probably not what many of us experienced. I was there because I ran away from home because of sexual and severe physical abuse at home. Nothing more. Back then you didn’t talk about it. I was pregnant and my first OB/GYN experience was from a creepy doctor that abused many girls there too. I was lucky that myself and one other pregnant girl left pregnant and was not forced to sign over their child. Yes forced. I also turned 18 and they wouldn’t release me. I was told they could keep me there until I was 25. Don’t know legally how this was possible but it was. My child wound up with congenital heart failure and I have heard other horror stories from women who either lost, could never conceive again, or were severly emotionally scarred. PTSD and depression have been common trade off. Sounds like you were blessed. I truly am glad for you, but some times even looking at things like this remind me of the Holocaust. Atrocities beyond our imagination and how this continued for many years. Get over it, yes, I have made good use of my life, but forget, never. As most, we bare scars from long ago wounds that never quite were dealt with. I am hoping for those of us that did experience bad times that maybe some justice, if any might be explored. The thing I appreciate from you is that you acknowledge those who did not have such a great experience, and help confirm it did happen. Thank you for your thoughts and continue to be blessed. Blessings always,

      • Tara Foster said,

        Illegitumus non tatum corborndum:~Don’t let the Bastards Grind you Down….my daughter that was born while I was @ Scioto Vilage has it tattoo’d on her arms 😉

  36. crzzycindy said,

    I have put it behind me but the memories you can’t erase them you just move on and live your life being grateful it is “past,” They could keep you there till 25 if they wanted it’s because of how the Judge phrases the sentence; they usually said ” I here by sentence you Permanently to the Ohio Youth Commission.” For those who didn’t get into trouble they were as I was released on parole not probation but parole. Most of us now are over 50 years old and if we are still talking about it shows that it was a life altering experience be it good or bad. Most of us do want to know that the girls survived and went on to have a good life because we all know and can relate to each other about how we wound up there and had to deal with once we were there. One of my daughters when I started telling her about my childhood and Scioto Village said to me “Oh mom, your making that up.” She is a sweet child and could not wrap her mind around what I was sharing with her. So when they say “Life is stranger than fiction,” it is true.I am also as one of the other girls writing a book about my life but mine is more directed to my childhood prior to Buckeye Cottage. I want to help young people before they get to a place like Buckeye Cottage. We are dealt a hand in life and we have to play it out no matter if it is not the hand we want. I have a connection to all of the pain in my past and do not want to forget ever. I use that in a positive way to help others and if I forget I can’t help them. So like all situations in life you can use it in a positive way or negative way. I choose to use it in a positive way as it serves no purpose to be negative. I remember the past but do not live in the past. I have a saying I live by “Live in the past and lose today and have no future.” I am a survivor of much more than just Buckeye Cottage as we all are. I got my education not just from public school but from school of hard knocks. I am grateful for all LEARNED lessons in my life because they have made me who I am today. God carried me through it all and still does.

    • Julie Roe Serrato said,

      I too, was in Buckeye Cottage. I spent my 16th birtday there which would have been March of 1975. I got there at the end of 1974.

  37. crzzycindy said,

    I too got there just before my 16th Birthday and had it there, it hurt me because I was so looking forward to getting my drivers license and being able to go to school and work part time. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen since I wasn’t released until I was just three or four months from being 18 years old. I was already gone by the time you were there Julie but it was the same cottage I was in. Was Mrs/or Miss Roberts still there when you were? She was nice and I have tried to locate her; I wrote all the time and wrote something about “Love” and she read it liked it and asked if she could have it and I said yes, sadly I didn’t have the forethought to make myself a copy.I know if she’s still alive she would be old and may not remember and may. So I am on a quest to find her if I can and request at least a copy of that piece I wrote. I do remember it was very deep and I really put my heart and soul into it. The years go by so fast after we hit a certain age and the slip by but it has been difficult to do the research I need to because I no longer live in Ohio I left 1975 to California.

  38. stephanie bass said,

    Times r hard. Life sometimes is hard for some n more for others yes u can never forget bad things n u don’t forget good things. But friends n family n prayers build strength . If u took my words as being offensive I stephanie truely apoligize to u. My life has not been a bed of roses nor have I won the big lottery. I’ve. Been thru a lot also but who is gonna repair the wounds u. Truely sorry

    • crzzycindy said,

      Stephanie: By no means did I take anything wrong that you said I was just adding how I feel now as a person. Few people have a life that is a bed of roses and I know we have all gone through more than anyone should have some more then others. I for one came out thought I fell in love got pregnant, dumped, and I was still on parole had they found out I was pregnant it was a violation they would have sent me back so I wore a girdle to hide it and by the grace of God I got a new agent was release from parole and had my child. I then met a man who beat me for almost two years almost killing me and that is how I wound up in California to escape that piece of garbage. I then married a man I met and found out he was still married to another woman shortly she filed a divorce. My first born has bi-polar and I wound up off and on (more on) raising her two children for the last 20 years. So my life has only been mine for a very brief period of time. I am now old worn out emotionally and just will be happy for serenity. Coming from the system myself my daughter knew there was no way I would let my grandchildren go into the system and she played me like a violin. I had most of my life robbed by other people’s actions not my own and do have some resentment over it. But I was not responding to you in any negative way just adding how I feel as a person individually. God how did we all survive? I have but it’s been a long hard road and now I would like it to smooth out from now till I die. I feel like crying “UNCLE,” lol

      • stephanie bass said,

        Look my sister from sv we r women who have a bond we r strong we take lots of stuff from people .from men and our sisters who shold stick not give up or cry uncle. We have a bond we r sisters with grey hair xperience and can put boots to asses. We been there seen it done it .do not give up or cry we can communicate with each other.keep doin this and we will work out somethin.

      • Cynthia Stine-Davis said,

        Stephanie; Thank you for that sometimes we just need to be reminded. No I won’t give up or give in. Sometime just need to rejuvenate in order to move forward. I only have one direction FORWARD

      • pmann1954 said,

        WoW! No one knows better than us who were in SV. There WAS abuse, there WAS sex abuse, there WAS beatings, by staff and by other girls. I for one remember bleeding so badly after the sick doctor did a pap smear on me. He had the nerve to tell me that is was because I was doing things with girls that made me bleed. i was sickened by his words, his doings and if I had had a way to get a gun,

      • Julie Roe Serrato said,

        I hope the sick doctor is rotting in hell by now.

      • Wanda Clark said,

        I too was prego when I was on parole, When I knew my PO was comming to the house, I would lay on the couch, sniffling and coughing like i had the flue evrytime and would be bundled up on the couch with a blanket. No way was they taking my baby and sending me back!!!!!

      • crzzycindy said,

        That was exactly how I felt too, I had seen them take the girls babies and wasn’t going to let them take mine. So many of us have such similar stories and yet so different too.

      • MsCheri Lynn Payne said,

        Survivors we are as we had no other choice but to survive. I spent most of my life surviving from one thing to another. It has made me who I am today. At 58 I can say that I finally like myself.

  39. teresa said,

    I was in Scioto village in 1966-71. They put me on a bus back to Cincinnati when I turned 18. I didn’t want to leave. They gave me 25.00$ and told me where the YWCA was located. My name was Teresa Smith. I was in Davey Hall. I can’t remember any body’s name. I would love to talk to someone that was their at that time.

    • crzzycindy said, just put Scioto Village in the Re: area or it might get deleted lol I don’t recall $25.00 but I know they took me also to the bus station and put me on a bus also I rode to Canton and I hadn’t heard from my mom the whole time I was there for two years, I got no home visits or visits there. So when the bus finally arrived in familiar territory I went to the front of the bus and told the driver to let me off at the corner he said your belongings will go on downtown and I told him I would pic them up later. He let me out I started to walk down the street as he pulled off and suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t even know if my mother still lived in the house I was headed toward since she rented it. I arrived looked through the glass of the front door to see if it looked like home when I saw her walk from the kitchen to the dinning room, I turned the door knob said hello mom and all she did was look at me paused then said hello and that was it. I went to go to my old bedroom but it was closed and locked when I asked her why she informed me she had rented it out to a nice young woman. I asked her where all my belongings were like cloths, records etc thinking they might be in the attic or basement but she says I threw it all away, I almost had a heart attack. In fact later down the road I met a friend of hers that said “I didn’t even know she had a daughter,” talk about erasing me from her life. She was a dysfunctional alcoholic who I loved dearly and in later years we had built a civil relationship that worked. So yes we all have been through it. I still at times wonder what my next move might have been had she not lived there any longer.

    • Deborah Baron said,


      I was at Scioto Village in 1966-1968 when I graduated HS. I was in Hunter.

  40. vsfleming said,

    I was a runaway and was sent there in the late 70’s. I was glad to be there. They offered me structure, education, and no one molested me in there like they did at home. I enjoyed being on the drill team, and playing sports. I earned two varsity letters and a trophy for highest batting average in softball. I was sad when I had to leave. I was sent to a horrible group home in Elyria. The director stole all of my things, and was only there for the money. I ran away from there and decided to be on my own. I got a job, got my GED, joined the Army. I have a masters degree in reading and am an elementary school teacher. I remember the place was nice, like a college campus, on the river.

  41. Tara Foster said,

    I too was @Scioto Village from June 1980~Dec.1980.I was 16 yrs old & pregnant.My only crime was unruly runaway.I was actually picked up by undercover cops in Clarksville Tennessee and flown (handcuffed)to Columbus Ohio where they said my grandmother was waiting.When I arrived they put me in a caged van & took me to Scioto.I stayed in Davey Cottage where Mrs.Sampson was my favorite matron..I remember everything that happened there during my stay.I was made to walk in the winter months around a flagpole area outside for exercise.Clean floors w/toothbrushes etc.There was no pregnacy ward when I was there just general population.My room was on the upper floor & at night I was locked in my room & had to bang on the door like a crazy woman to wake the old man that slept in the office downstairs so I could go pee.This was in my latter months of pregnacy.I was not abused but remember being left alone in a locked room while everyone walked to lunch because I was having Braxton Hicks contractions.When I finally went into labor they took me to Grady Memorial Hospital.where I had a very scary experience but came out of it w/ a beautiful baby girl whom is now 32 years old.After that they never took me back to Scioto,they basically let my father come get me which only lasted 2 weeks as he & stepmother tried to take my baby.I hauled ass on a greyhound bus w/ a 2 week old baby to St.Paul MN. to be w/ my mother & life went on.The only thing I learned at Scioto was to keep my mouth shut,kiss ass & bide my time….oh,I did learn how to macrame & crochet,LOL…I have an aunt Rema Chafin that was in Scioto in the mid 70’s also in Davey Cottage,someone may remember her,She either jumped,fell or was pushed out a window & hit the cast iron railing below with her back where she was messed up for life & had titanium rods in her back.She unfortunately died from a prescription drug overdose while being wheelchair bound just a few years ago.I have a couple pictures of my stay there,You can’t even tell I was pregnant I was frail & anemic.I always wanted to run from there but put my baby first & am very glad I stuck it out,But I did witness lots of sexual abuse of other girls.

    • Sherry Morrison said,

      can you please post your story on my facebook page called Lost Moms…I opened it up just for this kinda stuff cuz i to was in Scioto Village and to date do not know where my child is…dead or alive…

  42. Tara Foster said,

    Mary Stanbery Watts was born in Delaware County, not far from the Girls’ Industrial Home which she later used as the setting for her 1914 novel, The Rise of Jennie Cushing. Educated at the Sacred Heart Convent in Cincinnati, the budding writer married a successful businessman and remained in the Queen City the remainder of her life. However, in her writings Watts often returned to her childhood on the farm. A frequent theme of her novels was the once-prominent family whose fortunes were on the decline – a theme drawn from her own experience.The Rise of Jennie Cushing was Watts’s fifth novel, but the first to deal with the problem of marriage between different social classes. As a child of the slums, Jennie is made a ward of the state and placed at the Home (aka Girls’ Industrial School). Upon her release at the age of 18, she makes her way in the world working for various families, and eventually becoming a hairdresser. In 1917, The Rise of Jennie Cushing was filmed by the famed director, Maurice Tourneur.

  43. Tara Foster said,

    Of coarse everyone may remember the punch card doled out daily for 16 behavior points for the 16 hours that we were awake.In 6 months I only lost 2 points If I remember right,Or the staff member that would do the “white glove” inspection for dust in our rooms.Luckily I had my own room with a nice view,LOL.

  44. Tara Foster said,

  45. Tara Foster said,

    This is a link to class action case filed against Ohio Dept.of Youth Commissions in 2008 by juveniles at Scioto Village to improve conditions.,Included is the charges & settlement agreement.
    The case number is included and there are 90 pages
    Case 2:04-cv-01206-ALM-TPK Document 108 Filed 05/21/2008 Page 1 of 90

  46. Tara Foster said,

    The Ohio Home Cemetery, also known as the Girls Industrial School Cemetery, is located on the grounds of the Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility south of Delaware, Ohio………This link is to pictures of the cemetery

  47. Tara Foster said,

    This link is to pictures of letters written in 1903 from Scioto Village using the Girl’s Industrial Home letterhead,also pictures of the old bridge & pics of paper handouts of Woman’s Meeting schedules concerning the juveniles in 1896

  48. Tara Foster said,

    This link is from a November 20th 1968 edition of an Ohio Westleyn University’s Student Newspaper titled “Student’s Aid Scioto Girls” telling of busloads of students(male & female) that went to Scioto Village every other week sponsored by the Red Cross to have a dance & socialize with the girls.

    • Judy said,

      I wonder if they did this in the mid 40’s

    • Judy said,

      This link did not work. Could you give me a new one?

  49. cheri said,

    I was in buckeye in 87/88 and mapledale 88/89. my name at the time was Cheri Christy. i wouldn’t mind talking to someone i was in there with. You can email me at

  50. sheryl gonter (jordan) said,

    my name back then was sheryl jordan i remember being in a dormatory there and we would have dances and when we would go to eat we had to walk in line i remember an older heavy set black lady for some reason im thinking her name was grandma cleveland she would come 3 times a week and take me to this small room in the basement and make me show her for hours with 2 dolls what my step dad would do to me sexually there was a brother and sister there i remember i think they were from canton ohio nikki and troy norris she was my friend and he was my dancing buddy i have good and bad memories of there

  51. gene barnes said,

    hi my name is gene barnes my mother was in daavey hall in the late 1950’s her name is judith nelson if any body remembers her she would like to talk to them her no is 270-305-4442 or e-mail us at she would love to hear from them

  52. stephanie bass said,

    Hello my name is stephanie bass senior class president graduate69jan. I am wondering how I can get yearbook for the yr 67~68. It had a green cover. Let me know thank u 14403909554

  53. Sherry (Morrison) Stegall said,

    I to was in this place and pregnant at the time so I would have been 15..and was incarcarated for over a year…making the year the summer of 1974 when I got out. I did not see a Dr until I was like 6 months along.. anyway right after that my Mom & I met with a social worker about fostering my son until i got out…because my Mom had 6-7 children at that time they decided that would be too much for her.. My Mom just signed the papers without reading them as I remember. But then close to my due date or shortly after…they took me to the hospital because of lack of movement of the baby. Long story short…they told me he was stillborn ..and as these two workers at the hospital approached me as I was laying on the bed out in the hall after recovery …they asked me to sign papers so the baby could be cremated. I specifically told them I wanted him to be buried with my family… they reassured me if I would just sign the papers everything would be taken care of. Mind you I was still very much sedated from the anastesia and was not told the cause of death until I was getting ready to leave the hospital. My sister asked to see him which in turn they told her it was against hospital policy…

    • faith wallace said,

      what cottage were you in

  54. ruth berry forsythe said,

    so was the baby dead or they just stoled him from you, they did do that back then, because they did every thing possible to get a family that had money a child from us girls,

    • localcelebz said,

      My birth mother Elizabeth Horn nicknamed Tubby was there in 1972 she was there for running away I believe.. I was born when she was 17 @ The Ohio State University Hospital my paperwork states that she was in the needle trades training program.

    • Gina Napier said,

      I was there in 1988. It was a terrible place alot of sexual mental and physical abuse.

  55. Chris said,

    wow…never expected to find a site like this. I was placed in SV in Jan. 1982 (when it was just made into being coed) for 6 months. At the time I remember thinking it was great as we only numbered about 30 boys to over 200 girls….hey I was 17 years old….what can I say. I remember Mr. (Dead Eye ) Horsley…lol wow was that a long time ago. I had a lot of friends their both guys and girls. Of the girls I remember are: Michelle White (in for killing her father with her brother), Debbi Miller, Teresa and Tonya Harris (twins), Linda Vajusi, Rachel Manning (curly red hair). Well I ended up graduating while I was there. Actually it was me and 1 other girl who graduated at their school at the time. After that I had to work down at the powerhouse but the old guys who ran it were always very cool with me. Of the staff at the various cottages I can honestly say I never had many issues with them. I did, however, hear stories from some of the girls that complained of abusive staff members in their cottages. When you’re 17 tho not much you can do about it.

  56. Mike Mowery said,

    need to find lorrain Persinger that was in scioto cottage,in the early 70s,please contact me if you know her where abouts,my E-Mail is my name is Mike Mowery and i live in Galion Ohio,my phone # is 419-777-7338 TY

  57. localcelebz said,

    My birth mother Elizabeth Horn nicknamed Tubby was there in 1972 in the needle trades training program. She gave birth to me @ age 17.

  58. Candace J. Clemons said,

    Shalom, everyone. Thank you all for being so brave to share your stories–I pray that you find the people for whom you are searching and most of all, I pray you find peace. My heart and soul are moved by people who get ‘lost behind walls’ in places like Scioto Village. I am going to the Ohio Historical Society this week-end and if you are looking for something specific, I will try to help. My e-mail is

  59. daneticha rankin said,

    Hello ALL! I was in SV in 86-88. Buckeye cottage was where I lived. I miss the friendship that I had there! I wish I could find Stephanie Roddy, Donna Hickman, Pam Fowler,Stephanie Gartrell, Rebecca Brown, and my bestie Anitra Jackson! I wonandder if Mama Walker is still living? I still think that place is haunted though! Maybe it was just me…… my name was Daneticha Hardiman at the time! I hated that place but when I think back about my time there it actually helped me a lot. I was looking for Tina Hubbner whom was there and after my research I found out she finally committed suicide there. That place fucked her up. They was giving her phyc drugs and keeping her locked away. It still breaks my heart. Damn!

  60. Deborah Baron said,

    I graduated from GIS in May 1968, spent 2 years there, my only offense was running away from home. Anyone sent to GIS became a Ward of the State automatic. I was assigned to Hunter cottage. When a girl would not conform she was sent to Riverside cottage (max security) you were let out to shower and empty the pot you were provided as a toilet.

    Education wise it shows (careers) expanded: the only thing available was:
    Bakery, cos, and laundry. The only way one was able to get into this area – was if your scores were not high enough for regular classes and ones age.

    Example: Some girls were in their mid-teens with only a seventh grade education.

    It was not uncommon to see some discharged and return in just months.
    Stats have shown 85% returned at least once.

  61. Sherry Morrison said,

    I would like to send out an invite to my page on facebook called Lost Moms…love to hear your insight and thoughts about your experience(s) or someone else you may have known while in Scioto Village…<3

  62. Cat Gochenouer said,

    I was at SV 3 times from 88 to 92.Never had any abuse,sexual or other wise.I remember going across the street to Riverview for special dances,going out on the bus to see the christmas lights.Woodbine was known as the”intake” cottage,after 30 days there they decided where to house you based on how you acted.I was in Buckeye my 1st trip.Davey was the “drug” cottage where i spent my time the 2nd time and my 3rd time in i was in Davey cottage,the “mature” cottage,where most girls my age (17 at the time) where housed.I made some very good friends there,i remember a few staff,Mr.Caulderon(security) Mrs.Sheiley (director)of course, Mr.Glassimere(sp?) Mr Hayes.

    • Cat Gochenouer said,

      Im sorry…Sherwood was the “drug” cottage

  63. Deborah Baron-Chenault said,

    I graduated May 1968, Hunter cottage …… Ms. Wanzo was the matron in charge.

  64. machinist492002 Mike Mowery said,

    hi i was in the ohio youth commision durning some of my juvinile life,i had the opertunity of meeting a wonderful girl 2 times of our co-ed dances,her name is Lorrain Persinger,after i got out i contiued to write her,she was in cosmotogy and wanted to finish before she was released.our plans was to get married after she got out.She was there between the yrs.of 1969 to 1972.We got to be together in 1974,that was the last time i seen her.ive been looking for her for 38 yrs now.ive tried facebook ans google,not having no luck.If there is anyone out there that can help me find her please contact me.To see her is my only wish before i pass on.You can contact me with this infermation,address 710 Clay St. Galion Ohio 44833.My phone hope to find her soon.

  65. Mike Mowery said,

    am posting it mon facebook

  66. machinist492002 said,

    im looking for a girl that was there between the yrs of 1969-1972 her name was Lorraine Persinger,we meet at 2 different dances,i wrote her when i got out . we seeneach other after she got out,and i have been looking for her for 38 yrs now,im hoping someone can help me find her.My address is 710 Clay St. Galion,Ohio and my # is 419-777-7338,hope there is someone out there that can help me find her.

  67. Laura said,

    I was is Mapledale cottage July 1978 . I was sent there for skipping school.
    I never want to loose my freedom again… I broke the cycle of my dysfunctional family. I was one of the 12 people who ran from the village a few months after I got there. Thank God I never got caught before I turned of age and wasn’t a ward of the state anymore. Staying undercover for almost 3 years was tough. I used an assumed name and everything. I wonder if the other girls got caught. Let me know if you went there at the same time.

  68. Stace Pollard said,

    I was in scioto twice, at the age of 15. (1985) the second time I was pregnant. I am not sure why I have an interest in learning more about this place maybe because it had such a profound affect on my life. My email is I would love to hear and share my experience. I do remember this was a very eerie place.
    Woodbine was a detox and starting point before you were moved to one of the other “cabins” from woodbine I went to Sherwood I believe. I know it was on the right of woodbine.
    Would love to hear from others

  69. BRAD MURR said,

    Is River view school for boys which was across the street from Sciota Village still around and is it in operation??

  70. obxpam7 said,

    I was at Scioto in 68-69 and then again in 70-71. I was in Terrace both times. I just found this blog tonight and i would love to hook up with some of the others. It’s been so long ago i really don’t remember any names. There was 2 other girls i was with in Terrace, we called ourselves, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I was strawberry because of my freckles, vanilla had long blond hair and chocolate was a black girl and i’m so sorry i can’t remember their real names. Zona Glass was the head of the place back then. Anyone can email me at

  71. casey tufts said,

    I myself have spent about 1 year an 7 1/2 mon. There from 1995-1998. I worked in the kitchen.. D an boss were real kitchen workers an they were good to the workers from what i could see. A couple an i do mean a coupe c.o’s was cool, like miss payne, mrs jones, mr. Williams an mr. Willobe, an mr. Brown,the others was mean hateful an you can tell all they wanted was a pay check an to see who was better at putting the young kids down an leaving them with no hope in life. I rember a creepy dr. There too but i have trust issues an i refused to go after my first trip an pap there. They pulled a tooth that was nouthing wrong with it at all. Still till this day i dont know why. I was in there too b/c i had trouble in my home an kept running away. The last time i was there i was preg. With my son. I left there january 29,1998 an that day an never looked back..i did meet some reAlly good people in there like carolyn stanford susan owens them was 2 of my room es i miss them but thats all i can say i liked about that place. I could understand if them kinds of places tried helpin the kids but like myself it looks as if its left some bad memories an future nightmares to so many. An no cottage wa sbetter than the other i had the pleasures of being in all 4 of them buckeye davey hunter an allman. We called the cottages buckeye babies davey dykes hunter hos an all- men .. lol then there was 4 boys cottages an the chow hall room. I hated that place point blank period. An i wouldnt wish this hell hole on my worse enemy. An i feel for all who half to deal with this place today.

  72. ann smith said,

    I was there between 60-63 in buckeye. Trying to find pictures of Jr. yr. Attended school.

  73. ann smith said,

    If you are speaking of the same Dr that was there in the 60’s, he was short, looked like he had no neck and his name was Bergman.didn’t care for him either.

  74. ann smith said,

    Does anyone remember Mr. Baskerville, Mr. Cook or moss. Odell?

  75. ann smith said,

    Oops that’s miss Odell

  76. Linda hill said,

    My name is linda Ann Hill(Moore) I was in the girls industrial . I was there because of my parents that raised me did not have legal custody and my biological mother would not sign consent for them to adopt me. I had not been in any trouble it was really a hurting part of my life that is where I learn about prostituion homosexual and other things. Yes it was s lot of girls that should not have been there . a lot of the girls just needed love and understanding. I cried when I saw the building it was home for me for a long time. I was one of the first girls to enter the new building Riverview.

  77. Judy said,

    I have written before but now have new information. A MAN CONTACTED ME WITH POSITIVE DNA MATCH AT 99% POSSIBLE A SIBLING. HE WAS BORN May 28, 1947. He just found out when his fathered died that he was adopted around Columbus and mother was a young teen and father was possibly a college student. Please if anyone knows how to find out, since everyone but the adult child is deceased. He does have the replacement birth certificate from the adoption.

  78. Lorraine Persinger said,

    i was there between the years of 1968-1972 looking for a guy that i meet at 2 different co-ed dances his name is Mike Mowery,he lives in Galion,Ohio

    • Pam Reagan said,

      I was in Terrace cottage in 68/69, got out and came back and graduated in Jan. of 71. There were 3 of us that hung out together in Terrace but i can’t remember their names. One girl had long blond hair, we called her Vanilla, one girl was dark skinned, we called her Chocolate and i have freckles so we called me Strawberry. I would love to find them somehow and see how they are doing.

    • said,

      Lorraine i have been trying to find you for years,i really would love to hear from you soon,my phone # is 567-301-7216 my e-mail is and i do live in Bucyrus Ohio again please contact me soon.Mike Mowery

    • said,

      Lorraine i dont live in Galion ohio no more i live in Bucyrus ohio about 12 miles from Galion,Ohio i wish you would of left some contact information in your post as id be getting ahold of you right now,this is amazing the last time we seen each other was 42 years ago,i tried so many times to get ahold of you,but couldnt find you,please contact me soon with the information i gave you on my last post,all i can hope for at this point is that you check your E-mail Mike Mowery

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine please contact me phone # 567-301-7216 cell or landline 419-617-0456 E-Mail my address is 716 Prospect St. Bucyrus,Ohio 44820 babe I really need to hear from you been looking for you for 42 years.Mike Mowery

    • said,

      Lorraine I have been trying to get ahold of you for many years,this is Mike Mowery my phone # is landline 419-617-0456 my cell # is 567-301-7216 my E-Mail is I live in Bucyrus Ohio please contact me as soon as possible want to hear from you very much its been 43 years want to stay back in contact with you,PLEASE.

    • said,

      Lorraine this is Mike Mowery i see you remembered me from the last 3 times we seen each other,ill never forget the trailer that we acually was able to be together,ive been trying to contact you for many years but never knew your married name only your maiden name,im hoping one day we can meet once again,please contact me if you every get this.My 2 phone #s are cell # 567-301-7216 my land line # is 419-617-0456,my E-Mail is,I live in Bucyrus,Ohio.Please contact me as soon as you see this.Thank you.

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine this is Mike Mowery please contact me cell # 567-301-7216 landline # 419-617-0456 and my E-Mail is and my address is 716 prospect Street Bucyrus,Ohio will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine this is Mike Mowery ive been trying to locate you for many years,if you ever get this pleaser contact me,my cell # 567-301-7216 my landline is 419-617-0456 my E-Mail is would love to hear from you.

    • said,

      Lorraine this is Mike Mowery trying to contact you and not having no luck,if you ever get this please contact me my cell # 567-301-7216 my landline is 419-617-0456 my E-Mail is and I live in Bucyrus,Ohio now.

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine Persinger this is Mike Mowery,i have been looking for you for a very long time,please contact me or leave me some contact information to get ahold of you,my cell # is 567-301-7216 my landline # is 419-617-0456 my E-Mail is,i live in Bucyrus,Ohio hoping to hear from you very soon if word press passes this on to you.

    • said,

      im looking for a women named Lorraine persinger if anyone knows her where abouts or if you are seeing this please contact me at cell# 567-301-7216 landline # 419-617-0456 E-mail I live in Bucyrus,Ohio my name is Mike Mowery been looking for her for 42 years

    • said,

      Lorraine trying to find you this is Mike Mowery call me 419-617-0456 that is my landline, my cell # is 567-301-7216 I hope you get this soon

    • said,

      Lorraine im looking for you and have been for the last 42 years,its Mike Mowery phone # cell 567-301-7216 landline 419-617-0456 if possible leave me some contact information on you so ill be able to find you.Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine Persinger this is Mike Mowery life is to short please contact my cell # 567-301-7216 landline 419-617-0456 my E-Mail my address is 716 Prospect Street Bucyrus,Ohio 44820 will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Mike Mowery said,

      Lorraine I have been trying to locate you for many years I have left me e-mail address on this site my location and my phone #s if you ever get this please contact me as soon as possible.Mike Mowery

    • said,

      it looks like ill never find you Lorraine its been many years trying to find you and no luck I hope you have had a wonderful life Mike Mowery

  79. Tabitha said,

    I was at scioto from 1998-2000 I was on intake then allman cottage then davey then I went to the freedom center my name is Tabitha plant I was a level four and wisdom level

    • Tabitha said,

      Email me tiablaze82@gmail. Com

    • Belinda Hein said,

      Hey I don’t know if you remember me my name I’d Belinda Hein inmate # 200054 but we intake at the same time and ended up at the freedom center together.I was there from 1998-2000 I would love to chat. My Facebook page is Belinda Joy Sigsbury or my email is or you could call me at 660-864-7099. Would love to hear from you.

  80. Patriciai Guilkey said,

    I was there in 1970-1971 and in 1972-1973. I don’t remember the cottage I was in but I did graduate from there in 73. I was there because I was pregnant both times and was a run away child running wild. I do remember having to scrubs floors and I do remember having to wash our personals every day with bleach. I know we ate good, smoke cigs and did get to stay up late some nights and watch tv. I had 3 close friends can’t remember their names now sure wish I could. But if any one out there remembers me say hi, it would be nice. Patricia J Guilkey

    • Pam Reagan said,

      What cottage were you in? I was in Terrace.

  81. Dana K Dillon Day said,

    My sister Sue Dillon graduated as valedictorian from there in 1974?
    or 1975? Her speech was “Let’s all of us never come back here again”.

  82. Cindy said,

    I’m researching information on my great, great aunt, the novelist Mary Stanbery Watts. I’m curious as to where you found the information about “The Rise of Jennie Cushing” being made into a movie? My mother, who knew the family history, died fairly young, of cancer.

    Incidentally, the other day I discovered a box of papers dating back to the early 1800s. It contains the plat maps and other paperwork for Mary Stanbery’s family’s farm. I believe that it once sat on the land now occupied by the Columbus Zoo.

  83. Pawlette Reese said,

    I was there from 95-97.. I was on Buckeye,Davey & Allman. My experience wasn’t great nor was it horrible. There was definitely abuse going on while I was there. I’m grateful for my time there, it made me who I am. A proud mom & a productive citizen.

    • Elizabeth said,

      Hey it’s lizz Burns get a hold of me chick Facebook Elizabeth Burns Dayton oh

  84. Andria said,

    Does anyone know a Nancy Jaynes. She was there around like 1960 if u have any info please find me on Facebook Andria Stover. She’s my grandmother she was pregnant at the time she went in there

  85. Sonya Brown (Cleveland) said,

    Wow I wasn’t aware that so much crime went on at Scioto. Unfortunately I was sent there in October 1985 to April 1986. The food was terrible and I hated being locked up, but my experience was very different from those described on this site. I also met girls that I developed close friendships with (shortly after lost contact). The staff was strict, but I don’t recall any sexual or physical abuse (maybe before my time). Initially, I was in Woodbine then Davey (I believe, I was 16 turning 17). I rember a few of the teachers Mr. Bunch, Stonbrwbridge/Strawbridge and Mr. Lambert. And although I wasn’t in the cosmology program, I got a Geri Curl by a white girl name Diane that dated a black girl in Davey. My roommates name was Tina Stallworth (Teledo); Tracey was a friend (Dayton); and Amy who I met while in Woodbine. I think Amy and I came to sv at about the same time. I do remember going to the dentist/dental student, horrible! One of the staff in my cottage was Ms. Sampson. Other people that I remember are Candy (full of energy), Rochelle and Katrina (worked at the Rax or something). Overall I learned to shoot pool (thanks Amy); crochet with the arts & crafts lady and to appreciate my freedom. It was definitely an experience for me. I would like to connect with some of the women that I met while in sv. Just to see how they’re getting along. God bless you all.

    • Amy Catherine Smith said,

      OMG, Sonya…! I was so excited to see your post. I would love to catch up on things and hear how you have been… Please email me when you see this… amycsmith1017@gmail.Com

      Amy Catherine

    • Daneticha Hardiman said,

      Sonya I was the during that time also. I’m from toledo. I remember some of the ppl you mentioned. Tina Stallworth passed away a few years ago unfortunately.


      I remember some of the ppl you mentioned. I was there around the same time as you. Tina shall worth passed away a few years back in think in 2011.

    • M. Constant said,

      I was there in 88 to 90 in mapledale cottage. I too got my curl did by Diane (white girl) did a great job lol. No bad experiences. My last name is Contant. I loved Mr.Bryant. He was a great guy. Hr helped me soooo much. Mr. Grey, Mrs.Willis, Mrs. Nelson, Ms.Knox, Ms. Rochelle Brown. Some of the more Carefree Days of my life

      • Angi King said,

        Is this Marquetta? This is Angi King and I was there twice. In 86 and 88. I was on Buckeye the first time and then on Davey the second time

    • sciotavillageblog said,

      Sonya, I so remember you and would like so much to keep in touch. .. I hope all is well with you? I am so hopeful you see this. My email is ..

  86. Beth Cruz said,

    I have been told that my mother may have been at the Industrial School when she was 16-17 in the mid 1950’s and pregnant. Her name was Shirley Marlene Fraley and usually went by Marlene. Her child was also taken from her and adopted out (my sister has since found me). If anyone has any information please contact me.

  87. heather said,

    Hello my name is Heather Walls I was there in 81-82 for unruly I was in Davey cottage. Meet alot of wonder people if you remember me please email me . pray life is well for all you ladies 😇😇😇😇

  88. September Kinnett said,

    Wow! I was there in 1970. Went twice then got sent to riverview. I ran😅. But then I ran from everything back then. This is wild

  89. Rita said,

    I was one of the ones that went to this insitution in the 70’s.
    I need to get transcripts from my graduating there. Do you know where I should look?

  90. Rita said,

    I was there in the 70’s. Graduated from that school. Was in the choir. Sang Let it be by the beatles.
    Need to know how to get transcripts from there.
    My name is Rita

  91. Rachel Chapman said,

    Prayer’s for ya all!

    • cheri said,

      prayers and good health to all of the girls whose family’s gave up on them like mine did me.

    • Chris Schroeder said,

      Rachel Chapman (aka Fielding) if you remember me from back then….my name is Chris Schroeder…..we were both there when it was made co-ed. Love to hear from you

  92. brenas said,

    Does any one still know mr heller?

  93. margaret ogletree said,

    My name is margaret ogletree i was in allman cottage in the late 70s i went to school on campus i remember was one of our teachers an we also had a baseball team an i was the best leftie they had we one our first championship game.but while i was there it wasn’t bad at all even orientation was ok we had state cigarettes at that time we had dances with tcy boys the older girls had dancing with teko but what im sayin is i hope the girls that were there an moved on came out ok i did..

  94. margaret ogletree said,

    My name is margaret ogletree i was there in 1975/76 i was in allmen cottage my memorys of that place weren’t bad cause i was hell on deck anyway it calm me down alot i remember a teacher there he was kool we new he was well u know but it didnt matter cause he was a grate teacher.we had a good softball team to i was the best leftie they had we won our first championship game.the game room was wack until the new games came in foosball the music machine pool table but you had to be bout your chores an your grades had to be up to even get special privileges.i just hope some of you made it when you got out i wish i knew where crystal is an pat chick they were good kids in there we hung close godbless an thanks for this sight..

  95. Amy Catherine Smith said,

    My name is Amy and I was in Davey Cottage in 1985 and 1986. If anyone was present at that time I would love to hear from you.

  96. Anna Rogers said,

    I was there in Allman cottage in 1978. Which a few here have stretched the truth. I only weighed a buck five back then giving the impression that I’d be an easy target perhaps, I don’t know. But when we would get in a fight we were separated & tossed in a single cell!! And noooooo…NOT naked as some of the girls\women here have stated!! Come on now! And I’m talking a good 8 months before the level system finally was set in stone. Ms. Hill taught me cosmo. Ms. Packahash (she used to be a nun before I’d met her) & Ms. Miller were my favorites! Oh & Ms. Packahash used to have gorgeous
    dark brown hair til she had me cut it off at her neck. Lol I remember the cigs.
    There was an old wooden cabin with a small cemetery in its yard. I remember when my best friend got released before me & she was drove away in a horse carriage lol. Liked the music dude too. He couldn’t believe that I’d never heard of; “Toys in the Attic” by, Alice Cooper. Yuck. The creepy ass German Dr. Oh & I do hope & pray for you mama’s to find your babies. My name was Deena Cole. Much love ladies. I got sent there because I smoked pot. And do still. I went on to marry a UPS driver. Had 4 daughters & now am a GMA to 8 beautiful grand children. Happy 420
    Just me

  97. Teresa Stuart said,

    I would love to get in touch with my friends from the village. I wish the was a way. There are several girls that i reallt got close with but when we leave at different times and head different directions we lose communication.

  98. caroljby said,

    I am looking for anyone who was in Buckeye cottage in 1995 or 1966 in November thru Christmas. A large picture was drawn of a manger scene on the huge window of the cottage. The news media came to take pictures and I am trying to locate the news channel to get the picture. I am looking for Linda McCalaster and Sandra Lay from Dayton. or anyone one with info on this I would would appreciate.

  99. caroljby said,

    I am looking for anyone who was in Buckeye cottage in 1965 or 1966 in November thru Christmas. A large picture was drawn of a manger scene on the huge window of the cottage. The news media came to take pictures and I am trying to locate the news channel to get the picture. I am looking for Linda McCalaster and Sandra Lay from Dayton. or anyone one with info on this I would would appreciate.

  100. Fatima Green said,

    My name is Fatima Green I was in Scioto village in 1993-1994. When I came there this place was a juvenile prison for convicted juvenile felons. The girls were there for crimes like murder, manslaughter, robbery, felonious assault, aggravated assault, etc.

  101. Keith fikes said,

    I was cross the street at riverview for a year 85-86 and all I remember of scioto village. Was we did a play called teen 2 and I was the lead role and fell in love with a girl named Michelle may didn’t know how the girls was treated but river view sucked !!

  102. MaryAnn Krause said,

    Hi, I was made a ward of the state of Ohio in 1978 at the age of 14. My name was Mary Pitts. The state had tried me out in juvenile detention downtown and at Rosemont school for girls. Scioto was my last resort. I ran away from Rosemont and made it to Florida once with a girl named Lisa(from Cincinnati) The state paid for me to get back on a greyhound. Then tried again from Rosemont(to go to a Ted Nugent concert) and fell from 3rd story window landing flat on my chest. Woke up in ER then sent to JD. After that it was off to Scioto. I was in Sherwood(receiving) then Mac Hall until 1981. I remember soooo many things and reading the previous posts brought back many also. Mr. Bunch, Mr. Flowers, Mrs. Banks, Mr. Horsley, Miss Pyant and Miss Carey from Cosmetology, Mrs. Sours, Miss Burkhart and Miss Macedonia to name a few. I was in volleyball, drill team(made the step “The Cherry” step) We went to the Circlevelle pumpkin fest and performed. Remember many ladies I was in with. Emma, Michelle and Michelle, Naomi, Cash Money, Linda. I was very close to Miss Sours(art teacher) and Miss Burkhart(cp) They would take turns signing me out on weekends for 2-6 hr passes. They knew I had no family contact at all. My past helped make me the woman I am today. My heart breaks for those that had horrible experiences there. I guess I was fortunate. Am 52 now with 6 grown children and 5 grandchildren and a wonderful husband. I have talked about my time going through the system with my family and they all feel blessed that I made it. God Bless you all and if anyone remembers me, chat me up

  103. MaryAnn Krause said,


  104. Jacci Burgin ( Langschied) said,

    I was there pretty much the whole year of 1989. With a month break from end of July to begin of September when I got to go home lol. I was in the intact/drug rehab for my first 3 months then Woodbine . Then my second term I believe was in Dewey. I had a lot of good experiences there only bc I made close friends. Hate that we lost touch bc we were all from different cities. Amanda and Brenda and Theresa were 3 of my favorites😊 We had a girl who was in for putting her nephew in oven but that was the scariest story I heard there and she was a sweet girl unfortunately drugs screwed her up. There was another girl who gave birth at 4 months and everyone in cottage stayed up and pray for her all night. The guards were good to us unless we earn for them not to be. But yeah the doctor was a creep and I hated him. He took stiches out of my arm quite roughly. One of my favorite memories was my teacher. I was in a behavior class with only 5 of us and him( hate that I can’t remember his name) he used too bring us treats. Bc of him I had orange marmalade for first time and I love it. So all in all yeah it sucked being locked up for a year when all you did was run away a few times but I could have been in worse places.

  105. Adebukola Ronje said,

    Wasn’t their also a Riverview School for Girls? It was located in Delaware OH.

  106. Sheila Lynn Smith said,

    I was there in 1970. Spent a couple years. It was a nice open place and you roamed free under supervision of coarse. I have a few pictures of me there.

  107. Sheila Smith said,

    I dont remember alot about my stay at Scioto village but I think I was there in 1970 til 1971 then transfered to a more secure place across the street and I recall it being called Riverview school for girls. If any one was locked up here during this time and remember me please contact me. my name is Sheila Smith . I ran away from Scioto village.

  108. Trina Butler said,

    I was there in the late 80s …it was not a bad place at all..wish I knew how to get a hold of Becky Brown my ole room mate and Melissa Conn ..even though the six months I spent there was for some bogus stuff , I changed my life in many ways

  109. Alene Weese said,

    I once was one of those girls in Scioto village in the 1960’s. I belI’ve my time there helped me immensely. Now a mom of 4,grandma to
    5 and was a foster mom to over 40 children.
    One of my fond memories was to look out the window acroSS to the river and a magical little cottage across the way. On a field trip dance we went to on the bus,we passed the cottage only to see up close it was a dilapidated cottage. I’m 64 yrs young,lol, but have never forgotten that scene. Mrs Carson was my home mother. Thank you for letting me ramble on.

  110. Alene Weese(Jacklitz) said,

    I once was one of those girls in Scioto village in the 1960’s. I belI’ve my time there helped me immensely. Now a mom of 4,grandma to
    5 and was a foster mom to over 40 children.
    One of my fond memories was to look out the window acroSS to the river and a magical little cottage across the way. On a field trip dance we went to on the bus,we passed the cottage only to see up close it was a dilapidated cottage. I’m 64 yrs young,lol, but have never forgotten that scene. Mrs Carson was my home mother. Thank you for letting me ramble on.

  111. Cindy Kelley said,

    Hi, my name is Cindy Kelley, Sherwood cottage 72/73, looking for info on Brandi Hicks, Cleveland, Kathy Raasch, Cincinnati, Andrea Hamilia, (New Philla area if I remember right) joetta (Dayton) Janie V (Cleveland)

  112. Christina Craig said,

    Blast from the past, memories and girls I haven’t thought of in years…I was in Mapledale Cottage on 2 separate stays there around 1987ish? I was there when Tina Hubner jumped off the staircase balcony in Davey Cottage and died shortly after. Wonder how everyone else turned out…

  113. Christina Craig said,

    I tried to escape from there by running and jumping into the Scioto River at night fully clothed…I almost drowned but was caught by boats and brought back. I spent the next month in full handcuffs and shackles 24/7 in solitary confinement. I had reported sexual abuse by a guard, , the body builder had been pressuring me for sex. I wasn’t the only one…nothing but bad memories of that place. I was there around 1987-89ish Mapledale Cottage

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