The Girls’ Industrial School

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In Central Ohio’s Historic Prisons, the Girls’ Industrial School (aka Scioto Village School for Girls) is, regrettably, mentioned only in passing. There simply wasn’t enough space to do it justice.  It is the authors’ hope that they will be able to incorporate something of the history of the institution into a future book.

Founded in 1869 on the west bank of the Scioto River, GIS occupied as much as 189 acres, including the former site of White Sulfur Springs, a health resort.

C.M. Ginther of the Dayton News wrote in 1920 that: “When the school was established fifty-one years ago, its purpose was misunderstood. Its founders had a definite aim, but, unhappily, the public obtained a perverted notion about it. The idea gained credence that it was a place of punishment where girls from 8 to 21 years of age were incarcerated for disobedience or wilfulness. Apparently no shred of the truth reached the public mind that it was a school in which the best theories of modern education were followed. Girls admitted to the place were, by the very fact, ostracised and given a character which bordered on depravity. When they left the school the public regarded them with suspicion.”  And, yet, the very next year, the school was officially described as a place for “the instruction, employment and reformation of evil-disposed, incorrigible, and vicious girls.”

The picture at right shows the Administration Building.  When I went to work there in 1980, it still looked much the same.  One of my coworkers had taken a job as a teacher at GIS upon graduating from college and moved into living quarters in the Administration Building.  She remained there until she retired some thirty years later and, only then, had to find somewhere else to live.

The buildings that I worked in, although old, were mostly second generation.  Some of the original, even more ornate structures had been destroyed by fire.  A small hospital on the grounds provided routine medical care for the girls.  In fact, many children were born there since it wasn’t unusual for a pregnant girl to be committed to the institution.  On one occasion, I met a teenage boy who had been born at GIS and was later sentenced there when it was (briefly) a co-educational facility.

Not far from the hospital was a small cemetery.  Many of the headstones bore the same date because a number of girls had died during the influenza epidemic in the early part of the 20th century.  As was true of the Boys’ Industrial School, many youth who wound up at GIS simply had nowhere else to go.  When they stopped accepted “status offenders” (i.e. girls who were doing things that were only considered crimes because they were underage), the population shrank dramatically.



  1. Kirsten said,

    I am researching the life of a woman who was a “resident”at the Girls Industrial School in Delaware, Ohio at some point in the 1959/1960. She was a ward of the State of Ohio and spent time at Devereux Manor in PA on Ohio’s dime, and was shipped around from Devereaux Park Lodge hospital to Saint Francis Psychiatric ward in Pittsburgh to the Girls Industrial School in Ohio and to the Juvenile Diagnostic Center in Columbus.

    Do you know how to get any information about these places and their treatment/records?

    • Tina said,

      My best friend and I investigated the cemetery on the property. One of the places we got in for was the Delaware historical society. The school did yearly books that told about what happened in that year. It went way back and was very informative. Anybody truly interested in the early years needs to check that place out.

  2. Norma Jolly (Acosta) said,

    I was in GIS for 3or 4 years. I graduated high school there. I have been trying to find any of my classmates. I spent my last year in Riverview cottage, some in ohio cottage, the most in the twin of Riverview. if you have any luck please email me. Thank you, Norma Jolly

    • Judy said,

      What years were you there? I am looking for 1948 – 1950 or so.

      • Judy said,

        I found my mother Ethel Gale Chapman who attended GIS from abt 1948 to 1950 when she ran away. She was born in 1935 and passed in 1997 in Tracy CA. I have since found my 2 brother Joe and Jim Whitworth of Tracy CA. I am the big sis born in 1952 in Greeley CO where Ethel married my father in 1951. I have also found my sis when was born in 1954 when Ethel (mom) was in NE on her way home to OH. Each of the 4 children were about 2 years apart. I found out about the 15 siblings of mom, who were born to Nettie and James B Chapman. All have passed on. I am in the process of finding their children. Most stayed in the Chilloucothe OH area and some moved on to Northern OH around Lorain/Vermillion. There were a number of Chapmans prior to 1948 that were residents of GIS and other foster homes in the area.

    • Eugene M. Johnsonson said,

      Are related to the Jolly family who live on Chestnut Place in Cleveland? . I think you might have known my sister Joyce Johnson.

      • Judy Archer Brucker said,

        What years were you there?

      • Helen Altman said,


    • paulaeastwood said,

      Was there in1971-73.

      • said,

        im looking for a girl that was there between the years of 1969-1972,her name is Lorraine Persinger,i was in FSB around that time,i meet her at 2 different dances,i got out first and starting writing her,we meet up after she got out that would of been between the years of 1973-1974,im having a problem with posting this on this website,it goes on then it comes off could someone help me with this so my comment stays on,if anybody knows Lorraine where abouts please contact me through my e-mail or phone # cell 419-295-9020 landline 419-777-7338 hope someone can help me Mike Mowery.

      • doris riley said,

        So, was I. Was in Magnolia cottage. This is the place across the road from Riverview.

  3. Amanda L Rouse said,


    contact me at the above email, I can see if they have a listing for the inmate records for your person, they have the records on microfilm in columbus at the state archives. If you are near columbus you could go there yourself. I will be going there in another month for research and can get the records they have.

    • Judy said,


      Could you check the inmate records for the Girls Industrial School 1948 – 1950 for Ethel Gale Chapman? She passed away in CA in 1997 we just found out. Now her 3 children are trying to find more information so we can trace her background. We think her mother’s maiden name was Myers or Meyers. Also think her father was Gale Joseph Chapman. Ethel we think was born in Columbus. Her birth date is 2/15/1935. Anything you can find would be greatly appreciated.

    • Peg said,

      I am also looking for a woman that was a resident. Can you please tell me more information?

    • Judy Brucker said,

      I would like records from the Girls Industrial School for my mother. I have her birth certificate (Charleston, WV) born 2/15/1935. She was from a VERY large family who lived in Albany OH, we think, at the time she moved to the school. She was there from 1948 – 1950 and maybe earlier and later also. She ran away in 1950-51 and may have had a second stay and had baby sometime when there. I have one paper with some school grades on it but would like admission records and list of siblings that may have been there too as we think the younger children of the family were sent to the schools because the parents were too old to take care of them.

      • Judy said,

        I still need help with records in Columbus, OH if you are going there I can only afford the charge they charge you for getting them. In return, I could help you research.

    • Shonna Simmons said,

      Was wondering if you could help me. Trying to find my birth mother. All I know is that she was at the Industrial School for Girls for two years in the mid 50s. I believe her last name may have been Parker. She was born in 1937. She had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She attended school through the 10th grade. She enjoyed music and art. She may have left there and gone to the Columbus State Hospital for mental illness.

    • machinist492002 said,

      im looking for a girl that was at scioto village between the years of 1969 to 1972 her name is Lorraine Persinger i was also in the OYC,we meet at a coed dance,acually 2 dances.i got out first and we wrote each other,and in 1974 we meet each other,the problem was is both of us were married. my name is Mike Mowery i live at 710 Clay St. Galion Ohio,my phone # is 419-777-7338 my E-Mail address is,im hoping you can help me to find her.

  4. Meg said,

    I am interested in learning more about this facility as my husband’s grandmother apparently was employed there and I have aprons and pillowcases that were supposedly made by the “inmates.” Are there employment records available? I am guessing she might have worked there somewhere between the 1930s and 1960s.

    Answer: There are two issues here. The first is whether the employment records still exist. The second is how accessible they are if they do exist. In my experience as an auditor, government entities vary widely in their record-keeping practices. You could try contacting the Ohio Department of Youth Services to see whether these records still exist. Find records from the ‘sixties is much more likely than records from the ‘thirties.

    • Judy said,

      Could you check the inmate records for the Girls Industrial School 1948 – 1950 for Ethel Gale Chapman? She passed away in CA in 1997 we just found out. Now her 3 children are trying to find more information so we can trace her background. We think her mother’s maiden name was Myers or Meyers. Also think her father was Gale Joseph Chapman. Ethel we think was born in Columbus. Her birth date is 2/15/1935. Anything you can find would be greatly appreciated.

    • P. Baker said,

      My grandmother worked at the facility in the late 1930s. She was the sewing teacher. Could she have known your husband’s grandmother? Just wondering.

  5. Zelda Weaver Searls said,

    Hi David! I have been intending to buy your prison book as it sounds fascinating and now it is on my list to buy. When I was at SV/RV, I borrowed a 1968 yearbook from the library. This book included old photos of SV and I took my zoom lens and took photos of the photos from the yearbook. Anyway, a few years later I was told that the yearbook was stolen by one of the girls. I made a book of the photos that I took, as I was taking a photo class at CCAD that year, 1987. I made a huge collage of one of the graduation photos from the 1940’s. The girls were segregated back then. They include girls in the bakery, band, choir, sewing, laundry too. I also took some actual photos of the older buildings which were still there in 1987, including the hospital and a close up of the “no gum allowed” sign….I always wanted that sign! Do you think Anton Fisher (book Finding Fish) was born there? I ended up on your blog because (you will not believe this) I just shared with my cousin that her grandfather, my uncle, was also a cousin to Charles Makley! My uncle (last name of Sundermeyer) told me that cousin Chuck was adopted into the family. When my uncle found this out in the early 90’s, the warden at the prison in Lima was a Makley & was also related to the criminal…..what a small world! Was his nickname “Happy”? I read tonight it was Fat Charlie.Take care, David! Zelda

    Answer: Good to hear from you, Zelda. I do not know whether Anton Fisher was born there. I read the book when it came out, but I only have a vague memory of it. Several of the institutions published yearbooks as an attempt to provide the youth with a “normal” high school experience.

    • Judy said,

      I am interested in any pictures for the years 1948 – 1950 and maybe before and after.

      Could you check the inmate records for the Girls Industrial School 1948 – 1950 for Ethel Gale Chapman? She passed away in CA in 1997 we just found out. Now her 3 children are trying to find more information so we can trace her background. We think her mother’s maiden name was Myers or Meyers. Also think her father was Gale Joseph Chapman. Ethel we think was born in Columbus. Her birth date is 2/15/1935. Anything you can find would be greatly appreciated.

      • Sally Reece said,

        Have you found any pictures during that time? I wonder if my mother is in any photos taken then.

      • Judy said,

        No I have not had any responses and can not afford to go to the Archives. In your search if you come up with any information I would appreciate a copy. I will share the cost if not too much. That is exciting that you mother and mine may have been in school there together. My mother was there from 1945 – at least 1948. She ran away between 1948 and 1952 as I was born in Greeley CO in June of 1952.

  6. Kari said,

    I couldn’t help but to leave a message. I was admitted to Scioto Village in Jan of 1993. I was 16 and 6 months pregnant. While I was there we were still in the old buildings, but then about 3 months later we moved to the newly built ones that were more like prison cells. I think about that place from time to time. When I was there it was a place for girls who committed crimes and we had 4 different cottages. One was called Davey. This was for the older girls that had jobs outside of the campus. Then there was Mapledale, the cottage I was on. It was for the young and immature girls. Then there was Buckeye; that was like the hodge podge cottage. Then there was Allman (I think that’s how you spell it). This was for the majority of the girls that had committed serious crimes like murder. Then across the street there was Riverdale for the boys. Halloween of that year we had a Halloween dance with the boys and that same night one of the girls on my cottage committed suicide in her room. That place was crazy, but it taught me a lot about myself.

    • Laura said,

      I too was committed in august of ’93.I was a runnaway for years and was finnally charged w/ felony escape. This was a juvi prison! I witnessed beatings ,fights, and even suicide.Amanda Sizemore hung herself on newly plced lockers with hooks for our towels on halloween night 1993.I promised her I would never forget her ,and I won’t .She was only 13 and had her whole life to look forward to in prison,she was supposed to transfer to Marysville @ 21. I am happy to see this place no longer exists.I carry many horrible internal scars , and a handful of them are from my time served there. The only possitive thing I can say is that more than 1/2 of the staff acctually cared about the girls and wanted better for them. I remember the red thick haired female councelor…she helped……. Iam 34 married w/ 2 step-children, and so very far from where I was as a teen. THANK YOU LORD AND JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Laura said,

        Also,if anybody would like to cht about our experiences,….it’s all thereputical!…

      • esmeralda Ramirez said,

        I also was there in Davey cottage at the same time.funny because i was one of two mexican girls in the whole facility.i also went to that dance accross the street.and i rember when Amanda hung herself.she was a little light skinned black girl.i had just got there.when i left there i missed them girls.addriene Tye lol she tried to hit on me as soon as i got there.Jessica Cherry.Jennifer Gilbride.there was a bla k girl in the intake building with me i think if i remember her she killed her stepdad.she was going to Marrysville when she turned twenty one.

      • Sheryl said,

        I was there in 92 or 93. I was admitted with my friend Tanya who was in davey cottage.

    • Tammy dean said,

      I was there from 1990 to 1992 ish. In allman cottage. Would love to hear from others that were there around that time.

    • Latisha said,

      My name is Latisha, Hey Keri ,I know who you are you where my friend…I was just talking about scioto…I wonder why they Never mention anything About Amanda Seizemore.,that is why I was looking that is something I would Never forget I’m sure you remember..but I do think about that place from time to time…Im still in contact with my friend that I meet their and is still my bff..

  7. tara english said,

    I was locked up in Scioto Village in 1992-1993.I was in Mapledale pod. I was just wondering if there’s anyone I know out here. Would like to c how people r doin an have changed. Please reply email to me at thank u

    • Tameka Abrams said,

      Tara I was there at the same time,my name was tameka houston,an I was in davey cottage,i would love to catch up if you get this.

    • Tammy dean said,

      I remember Adrianne tye. She came in with long pretty hair and when I left she looked like a boy with a fade.

  8. Judy said,

    Does anyone know about the Girls Industrial School and how to get records from the Juvenile Justice or records from the school for the mid to late 1940’s especially 1948-1949. I am looking for records, pictures, or more for Ethel Gale Chapman DOB 2/15/1935. She was born in a town in Ohio beginning with a C and would like to get her birth certificate. Ethel is my mother who passed away in CA in 1997.

    • Judy Brucker said,

      We have located the birth certificate for Ethel Gale Chapman, born in Charleston WV to James B and Nettie (Myers) Chapman. James died in 1938 and Nettie shortly after. James died in Athens County, OH.The above is correct in the other information. The Chapmans came from WV and had many siblings per generation. I have a large list.

  9. brenda said,

    Looking for anyone who has any information on Ethel Gale Chapman who attended this girls school. Anything would be helpful.

    Thank you, Brenda Archer

  10. Lisa said,

    Hi, I just wanted to say I spent some time there in 1980-81. I honestly do have some fond memories of the place. I enjoyed going to school there. I remember Mr. Spadaro my english teacher and Ms.Appel my sex ed/health teacher, Ms Linda Thompson who later became Mrs. Shutt. Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Geiser. I’m sure I’ll remember more later.
    At the time of my incarceration I was an unruly teen . My father had died and my mother began to drink too much and I was pretty much on my own at 13-14 yrs old.
    I don’t want to imply that I loved the place but some of the staff there were motherly to me and I really needed that. I was kind of messed up and confused at the time.
    Anyway, The grounds were beautiful and I think I developed a love for old architecture there lol. I hope they didn’t demolish all of those old buildings.

    Just wanted to add my two cents, the place wasn’t all bad.

    • Judy said,

      Lisa I appreciate you comment. I am sure you are not alone. I am finding my mother was one of the youngest of 15 children and parents were older. I can tell some by what you have said that you have become a wonderful lady. God bless.

  11. Erin Hurley said,

    I was a resident in the 60’s… approx. 1964 to 1967 I graduated from Cosmetology.

    • Carol Byler said,

      Yes I graduated from cosmetology school also in 1965 or 67 I had Mrs Pyant I would do her hair all the time and she had another lady I forget her name.

      • Dustine Burch said,

        Hi Carol. Looked up GIS after all these years, was shocked to find it, & read the blogs! My sister & I were there in 1959 – 1960. I am now 70!
        I also had Mrs Pyant in Cosmetology. She wrote me letters even after I left. I think I still have some of them. I remember the little cemetery most of all.

      • Yahoo said,

        Hello, Do you know anyone who was there in the mid 50’s? I’m trying to find my birth mother. I believe her last name may have been Parker.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Theresa Daniels said,

        I was in Cos too, the other lady was Ms. Clark, beautiful lady with red hair. I didn’t stay long- my sister rescued me. I remember crazy Margaret Dennis, born for comedy.
        Theresa Daniels

    • renee said,

      I was there in there around 64 0r 65 I am trying to think of the principals name. I wa in davey cottage

  12. pam haddix rabin said,

    I was a resident there from 1969-Sept 1970. Mapledale Cottage

    • sandra lee glenn said,

      i was there in 1969…i was pregnant with rwin boys…i am trying to find out how to get in touch with them…theie names were gary and larry glenn…if you or anyone reading this can provide any info please reply…thank you

  13. Artie said,

    My great grandmother, Rose Beatty was the superintendent of the Ohio Girls Industrial School for a lengthy period, including the 1930s and1940s. Possibly later.

    My mother, Patricia Watkins (maiden name) was lived on the grounds of the GIS for some period when she was a small child; she was the ward of her grandmother, Rose Beatty. Mom was born in 1934 and the period she spent at GIS as the ward of the superintendent was, I think, before she started school. She may have been there in her early school years during the summer. In any event, Mom used to mention to me that the girls at the GIS would give her money to buy cigarettes, etc. for them. They referred to her as Patty or Patty Ann. Her own mother was Jean Watkins (maiden name Jean Beatty). I believe that Jean was also around the GIS in some capacity for a while (employed as a nurse, possibly?).

    In any event, I hope this rings a bell with someone and they can provide some information about this time period.

    Thanks – Artie

    • Judy said,

      My mother Ethel Gail Chapman was born in 1935 the same age as Rose Beatty. Maybe she remembers my mother. Short patite and very pretty with short dark hair.

    • Sally Cain-Mathews said,

      I’m doing genealogy for my family & found a distant relative, Alice H Dowdle Vigar, was also a superintendant at GIS. She was still there when she died in 1941 from “cerebral accident”. I’ll have to try to find something in the newspapers about it.

  14. Gail Jean Wheetley said,

    I was a resident there from the late 60’s to 1971 when i graduated mid term in January 1971, i think it was 71 anyway. My name is Gail Minter is there anyone out there that was incarcerated with me at that time? my email is…..

    • kathy z smoot said,

      kathy zawacki i was there cant recall names but i knew everyone they called me cookie

      • Carol Byler said,

        I was in there in the 60’s and I was pregnant and had my daughter at Scioto hospital she was born Nov 15th 1965 Infact today is her birthday this is crazy my friend just called me who was in there with me and asked me. Does any one know of the drawing that was done in the Cottage Buckeye on the windows of a manger scene and the news media was called and took pictures of it.

      • paulaeastwood said,

        “cookie” were you in cosmotology? and did you have platinum hair? and had Ms Hill as a house mother? i graduated in ’73

      • paulaeastwood said,

        Were you in a cottage where a house mother was Mrs hill?

      • katsmoot said,


    • Bobbie Wilson sherrill said,

      I was there in 1961.I took 3rd place in the Queen contest I have the year 1961 school book. My name was Bobbie Wilson.

    • renee said,

      I was there in the late 60’s

    • Peggy Loney said,

      I was in the honors cottage from fall 1969 until May/June 1970
      Peggy Loney

  15. Judy said,

    There were a number of generations of Chapman’s and Campbell’s that were in many of the institutions including the boys and the girls Industrial Schools. My mother was there until 1951 when she ran away. The records for a number of years in there were burned or destroyed in a flood. All they had was her last report card. Do you know if anyone was placed there just as an orphan? Also there was a daughter of my mother that was left there when she left in 1951. Not sure when she was born to my mother. I know that babies born there stayed there but an aunt may have come to get her. Do you still live in Ohio? Do you know your parents?

  16. Artie said,

    It was my mother (then Patricia Ann Watkins, born 1934), the granddaughter of Rose Beatty (the GIS Superintendent) that lived at the GIS. But she was pretty young at the time; this was before she started school, so I doubt if she overlapped with your mother. Your mother would have probably been too young to be at the school. Mom used to tell me that the older girls would give her money to buy cigarettes for them, so as you can see, they were older.

  17. ruth berry forsythe said,

    my name is ruth berry, i graduated in 1972 and i was pregnant for almost 6 months while there, i am looking for a copy of my diploma, it was lost in a fire after leaving scioto village, if anyone could help i would appreciate it, just set me on the right trail , where to look ?

    • Pam Baldwin said,

      I graduated from there in 1974 I also am looking for my diploma. I have misplaced mine and I need it for a job at the hospital. If you find out how to get it would you please contact me Thank you

      • Judy Archer Brucker said,

        If you go to the state archives:
        This may help you.

        My mother Ethel Gale Chapman was there in 1948 – 1951.
        God Bless Judy

      • Sharon said,

        I graduated in 1974 also. What cottage were you in? I also took Cosmetology.

    • kathy z smoot said,


      • Barbara Adkins said,

        I began working Terrace Cottage with Ms.Conklin also had Nora Rivera Paula Jenkins, Bonnie Garis

    • dammitpie said,

      Education records contact Dept of Youth Services

  18. Judy said,

    I wish you luck as there was only a few records lost. I pray yours were not in that bunch. Contact the Ohio Historical Society website. There is a link specifically for the IGIS.

  19. Fred Mills said,

    My grandmother, Edna Byers, was superintendent at GIS from mid-1940’s to 1949 or 1950….My family lived approximately 8-9 miles from the school and we visited my grandparents often on the weekends…I recall that the entire second floor was the living quarters for my grandparents and on the mezzenine level was the Chapel. Also, there were a couple of staff that lived on the third level…

  20. Judy said,

    Thank you for you post. This helps to imagine what it was like. Besides my mother, Ethel Gale Chapman, her sister Betty Chapman were living there in the 1940’s. Ethel up to 1051 when she ran away. There may have been other Chapman’s there too but have not been able to get any records.

  21. Anna M. said,

    Any knowledge of a Dorothy Young, possibly pregnant, delivered in Oct of 53, a girl. Just a “rumor” that my mother was there and delivered her daughter Helen there?

  22. Jodi Scott Spruill said,

    I was there in 1983-1984. This was a horrible place to be for a 14 year old. 2 weeks locked in my room naked with no blanket and a bucket to use as a bathroom for punishment for defending myself against rape. The Williams (Williamson) sisters were the only workers there that seemed to care a little. They were both very large women with permed red hair. We scrubbed and waxed floors on our knees. Who remembers “sillies” and “for-reallies”? They still had a boys cottage when I arrived but were in the process of segregating so they were all shipped out by the time I left. There are still several girls I think of often, wondering what became of their lives. I lived in 3 different cottages while there. One of the guards/wardens was murdered by her husband not long after I left. Krystal Smith(Dayton), Keena Lamoreaux(Columbus), Phyllis?? These are just a couple of names I remember. Names I don’t remember….the sisters who killed their dad because he was abusing them, the one that killed her baby brother (4 years old), the other that shot and killed her mother on her birthday. Such a sad place to be as a child.

    • David White Williams II said,

      My name is David Williams. I was in Riverview across the street from Scioto in 1980-81 in Maple cottage I remember the Dance we had and Mrs Ramsdale. The place was not that damn bad but it didn’t beat freedom. I learned a lot and am now A VP of logistics for a Curtain Wall CO in SFO. You can get out of the cycle if you try.

    • Donna Poyer said,

      I was there in 1973-75. I believe I was in Altman Cottage but at that time it was for girls who ran away and skipped school and just dumb stuff. I definitely remember the “sillies” and “for-realies”!! I didn’t have a very bad experience there at all but I obviously didn’t learn my lesson because I returned there one time and another time went to JDC in Columbus.

  23. Jackie Smith said,

    I believe my father was born in this place on February 17, 1933. Does anyone know how to get a confirmation of that? His name was Jack Lee Smith, mother Lillian, probably last name Smith.

  24. matt Morris said,

    I am trying to trace one of my ancestors, Loretta Louise Thiel.

    I am having a complete nightmare matching her up with my grandfather William Richard Smith, Born July 1912.

    According to Military records that I retrieved William and Loretta married in Ohio in February 1932, However, it would appear that Loretta married using her mothers name “Norma Carty” instead of her own, as she was an inmate at the girls industrial school Delaware and she was afraid of being sent back, I would assume she was a inmate in 1931-32.

    They later divorced in 1942 in California, this time they used her correct name to obtain the divorce decree “Loretta Louise Thiel”

    I am not sure how that all works and is very confusing and maybe the reason why I am finding it impossible tracing these records.

    Anyone who could help or who might have known Loretta Louise in the 1930’s would be very much appreciated

    • Judy said,

      I had a similar problem. You can read a lot about my mom and family above. When my mother ran away from the GIS in 1950/51, she ended up in Greeley Colorado. She married my father Harold DeForest Archer under an assumed name Dorthy Hayes and a birth date of 1933. Because of this she was able to get the marriage annulled and left, pregnant with my sister Roxy who was born in NE. She was on her way back to family in OH. From then on out she used her birth name Angenetta Gale Chapman (aka Nettie) and birth date 2/15 or 16/1935. My problem in finding her was that she did not work often. Even when I found her that she lived in Tracy CA I did not find her until the Social Security Death Index was released. There she is listed under her maiden name. Your best luck is to check all the Census records as Loretta probably used her real name after 1942 and her mother’s name before that with the birth date being different than her mother’s name. Good luck with your search.

  25. matt Morris said,

    Just found Loretta Thiel Inmate number 9681
    and SAS number 649

    Does anyone know what I can do with this number and if it can help me in my search?

    • Judy said,

      How did you find these numbers?

      • matt Morris said,

        I put her name in the site and it came up with a match, giving her Inmate number and SAS number whatever that is.
        I was hoping someone would be able to tell me what use this would have, and if it would assist me further in my searches

      • Judy said,

        I believe if you present these numbers to the historical archives they can get information for you.

  26. matt Morris said,

    unfortunately I am from the UK and it will not let me order them from the site for some reason 😦

    Am disappointed as I really thought I was onto something then lol

    • Judy said,

      Try the school itself. I was able to get my mom’s grades and years she was there. They said they could not get the other records because they were destroyed back when they were stored under the stairs. I believe to get the number I had to call the Scioto School. Good Luck

  27. Christie said,

    Has anybody had any luck getting records from this place on inmates that were there during the 1950’s? My mother was there twice – in 52 and 54. Both times was because she was pregnant out of wedlock. I’d like to know more about what they did there. Did they go to school, work or what? Are there any other sites that have info. about this place?


    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      If you go to the state archives:
      This may help you. There were a lot of records that were destroyed in a flood. I lost my mother’s records this way. They when to school and worked doing chores. They learned a trade too.

      My mother Ethel Gale Chapman was there in 1948 – 1951.
      God Bless Judy

    • Shonna Simmons said,

      Just wondering if you know if your mother had a daughter later when she was thirty? My mother was there in the mid 1950s. I was given up for adoption in 1968.

  28. Sharlene Land said,

    So sad to read of some of the experiences. A friends mother was there from late 55-56. Said the greatest person she met was the Chaplain.a Rev.Arthur Witherspoon. Ever hear of him? She was in Sherwood cottage and then Mapledale..[I think] The one called the Honor Cottage at the time,,where you went for good behavior and were ready to be released..My friend has since passed on but the experiences she related to me were better than worse for her situation of just being a runaway.

    • Artie said,

      it is a long story, but I have several photographs taken in the ~1940s of a few of the girls posing with the Superintendent on the grounds of the GIS. If people are interested I can post them online and provide a link, in case someone is able to recognize a family member. The Superintendent was Rose Beatty (my ggrandmother) and I believe she held that role for about ten years. Rose had a daughter (Jean) who would have been a young woman at this time, and a pre-school granddaughter (my mother, “Patty”, ) who lived on the school grounds, too.

      If someone is compiling photos, etc., let me know and I can pass along my photos.

      • Judy Archer Brucker said,

        I would like to see the pictures from the 40’s

      • Sally Reece said,

        I would also like to see the photos. Perhaps my mother is in one of them.

      • Judy Archer Brucker said,

        Yes I definately would like to see all the pictures as I know what my mom looked like then. God Bless.

      • Artie said,

        I have several requests to post the few photos I have of girls at the GIS in the 1930s-early 1940s era. This weekend I’ll get them scanned and uploaded and provide links to them along with the details I have. I have just a few photos, but they include several girls. My ggrandmother, Rose Beatty, was the superintendent during this era.

    • Shonna Simmons said,

      Do you know if your friend gave a daughter up for adoption in 1968? My birth mother was there in the mid 1950s for two years. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Shonna Simmons said,

      Do you have any photos? Trying to locate birth mother. She was there in mid 50s.

  29. Deborah said,

    I just discovered my mother’s sister was there at least in 1940. Familywas all separated and she did not know where she was. I am not familiar with this facility. Can someone tell me if it was for girls who were out of control and perhaps pregnant.

  30. Judy Archer Brucker said,

    You are right on the out of control and perhaps pregnant. Also, runaways and also those that their parents could not afford to take care of them. My mother was there in the 40’s and she was the youngest of 15 children, so the parents were old and father had died when she was 3. Other siblings were there also. What was your aunt’s name?

  31. Artie said,

    This links to a late 1960s newspaper article where Rose McClurkin (my ggrandmother), Superintendent of the GIS for nine years in the 1930s, mentions her time at the GIS and conditions there. You may have to cut and paste the URL to your Internet browser’s address field. it should be entered as a single text string with no spaces or other edits.

  32. Artie said,

    Caught a small error: Rose McClurkin was her maiden name, her married name was Rose Beatty and the article is at the bottom of the page. – Artie

  33. Artie said,

    The Ohio State Historical Society has several old (~1900-1920) photos of the G.I.S. viewable online. Follow this link and then enter “Girls Industrial School” in the search box.
    The Ohio Historical Society also has in its possession ~100 photos taken at the G.I.S. between 1900-1942. These are not available online but it appears to be possible to view them in person and to also order copies. Contact the Historical Society for more info. The locator for the photos is included in this link:
    The Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit and can answer many questions about how to obtain inmate info for the G.I.S. and B.I.S. See bottom of page at this link:–archives/archives-library/copy-requests

    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      There is also a link on the Historical Society website archives, that will give you a list of inmates. It is not complete as a lot of documents were destroyed in a fire or flood. My mother was there from 1948 – 1951 abt. I have not been able to find any records of her, except her report card for 1948 – 50 which was sent to me when I contacted the Scioto School 10 or so years ago. These records were kept for transcript purposes, in a different location than the destroyed records. If anyone can correct the above or add to it, I would appreciate it.

  34. jennifer wegmann said,

    hi i am searching for my mother who was supposedly instituted in GIS anywhere from 1950 to 1960. her name was rebecca johnson or rebecca ruth johnson. She was supposedly around 12-14 yrs old when she as placed there. I live in texas or i would go and look myself. If anyone can help i would appreciate it.

  35. kathy z smoot said,


  36. crissy said,

    if anyone was in scioto in 1990-1991 please email me

  37. esmeralda Ramirez said,

    I remember when i got there i was in the intake building in the was the ladt old building they had left.omg i remember going to my room on the second floor looking out my window..i think i stayed there a couple weeks. I got like 1 phone call.i didnt get to have a visit for a month!! Davey cottage wasnt all that bad it was really clean. There was a few crazy girls was a good experience for me!! Changed alot for me.

    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      Were you there esmeralda during 1990 and 91? I am so glad you life was changed do to this experience. My mother was there in 1948-50

      • esmeralda Ramirez said,

        No aug of 93

      • esmeralda Ramirez said,

        No aug of 93 .wasnt there very long.but wow what a experience

      • Judy said,

        My mother was there during that time too. Is your mother still alive? I would like to find out if she knows of an Ethel Gale Chapman? Ethel had a baby there on May 28, 1947 and he has contacted me from a positive 99% DNA match.

  38. Zela weaver | Selima said,

    […] The Girls’ Industrial School « Central Ohio’s Historic PrisonsZelda Weaver Searls My MIA bracelet honors Delbert. Ohio God Bless You Always I got my MIA bracelet when I was in the 8th grade … […]

  39. Tara Foster said,

    This link is to the case of
    Gilbert Young who was employed as a watchman at the Scioto Village Girls’ School. On April 9, 1965, he was removed from this position on the alleged grounds of failure of good behavior and malfeasance.

  40. bmclemore1 said,

    I was in GIS in 1967 to 1968 or 69 I remember the worker at the cottage I was in was named Mrs Ramsey and she was so nice. I would like to find more information on this place because my memory is limited of this period.

  41. stephanie bass said,

    What’s been goin on haven’t heard from u in a while is everyone ok. June will be great month

    • Mike Mowery said,

      I keep posting my comment of trying to find a girl I meet at 2 different dances,i also was in the Ohio Youth Commission,it seems to keep going away.Her name is Lorraine Persinger,she would of been there around 1968-1972 im hoping I find her and able to talk to her.Please help me to keep my comment Posted,my name is Mike Mowery I live in Galion Ohio,my e-mail is hope someone can help me.

  42. Bobbie Wilson Sherrill said,

    I have the 1961 school year book. lots od photo’s M.B McLane was superintend at the time. Principal was Mr. DeBrosse. Diane Dobson from Buckeye Cottage was judged Campus Queen that year. I came in 3 rd place.My best friend was Shirley can’t remember her last name, we were friends and doubled dated after we returned home. I would love to contact some of the old friends from that time. I was in the Choir, Mrs.Ruth Spees was choir director and music teacher. Another friends name was Rita she was blond,used my name once while she was on the run, that was bad they were looking for me at that time too LOL .I played basket ball PE teacher Jean Hamilton, Alna O’Dell was coach
    My name was Bobbie Wilson and would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

    • dammitpie said,

      Scioto still stands with the building from the 1980’s, but River View had been demolished. A new fire department building will be built there along with township buildings.

      If you are interested in Scioto or the Girl’s Industrial School much of its is available online at the Ohio Historical Society.

  43. Paul Thurman said,

    my grandmother was a teacher there from 1947-1983 and still is alive and wants me to take her to see the place. she said she planted a tree in her honor her name is Thelma Crouch. I am thinking about taking her.

    • lisa moreno said,

      does your grandmother remember dorothy mae eggleston? not sure when she got to the school but I know she was there in July 1950 when she gave birth to a son who was placed for adoption. any info would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Sherry Morrison said,

    Looking for the girl on the left in this picture her name is Janet. If you could take a look and see if you recognize her or are her and get back to me that would be great!

    The photobucket account is a friend of mine since I don’t have one yet.

  45. carol call said,

    i was there jan 65.gave birth to a daughter at 16.she was born july 17.she was taken away.never go to keep her..

  46. ann smith said,

    Would like to find a yearbook for 1963-64 . Was there at that time and had Jr & sr picture’s taken. It will probably be an almost impossible task. Any sugestions welcomed.

  47. jeff said,

    Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility has closed on May 3rd 2014. School records are possible but anything else probably is not.

    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      Any records from 1947-1951? My mother Ethel Gayle Chapman was there and ran away.


    Zelda Weaver this is Eugene Strowbridge. Do you remember us working together? I just retired 3/27/2014. Send me an email: or call 937-746-6998.

    • Trina Butler said,

      There was a Zelda who was my art teacher when I was in there in the 80s and a strowbridge I do believe worked are dorm …

  49. Judy said,

    I am still here and listening to the comments. God Bless

  50. Judy said,

    My mother was there during1945-1951. I would like to find out if anyone knows of an Ethel Gale Chapman? Ethel had a baby there on May 28, 1947 and he has contacted me from a positive 99% DNA match. email

    • dammitpie said,

      Central Office

      30 West Spring Street
      Columbus, Ohio 43215

      (614) 466-4314

      Media Inquiries: (614) 466-9854

      • Lisa Moreno said,

        I have just recently found out my biological grandmother’s name and I have tracked her back to this “school”. where can I find out more about her?

        lisa moreno

        On Mar 13, 2017 4:22 PM, “Central Ohio’s Historic Prisons” wrote:

        > dammitpie commented: “Central Office 30 West Spring Street Columbus, Ohio > 43215 (614) 466-4314 Media Inquiries: (614) > 466-9854″ >

  51. said,

    im looking for a girl that was at Scioto village for girls around 1968-1972,her birth name was Lorraine Persinger,ive been looking for her for 40 yrs now.we meet at a couple of dances as I was at FSB at that time,i got out first and we started writing each other,and around 1974 we finally got together,the only problem we both were married,i had the option of me and her staying together at that time but I blew it,wish I would have then.and there is something else im having problems of this staying posted.i close the page then its gone,can anyone help me with this.please contact me if you might know the where abouts of Lorraine,my e-mail is and my phone # is cell-419-295-9020,landline is 419-777-7338,im hoping someone out there can help me.

  52. Peggy Loney said,

    I was there in Fall 1969 until May or June 1970 for running away from home. My chore was the dining room in the honor cottage. I remember sillies and them dressing up like the Temptations to perform.I was not into that type of friendship. I remember the great gospel singing during church. I remember when four girls ran away and got caught right away. I remember we got to stay at a little cabin by the river and had a campfire one night.
    I remember Carrie Michos, and Somebody Freeman, and a lot of girls but not their names. A real nice house mother we all loved, too. Peggy Loney

    • Kat Smoot said,

      Peggy in think we were there approximately the same time Kathy zawacki called me Cookie, I was in Galloway by the water after scioto burned

  53. norma saldivar said,

    hello my name is Norma I was there in1988 and I was pregnant.. I remember a few names.. Beverly nelson, marquetta, nina jergans, fancy shockey, if anybody remembers me please contact me thank you..

  54. Naomi Tyree Epps said,

    i taught at Scioto Village from 1970-1979

  55. Judy Archer Brucker said,

    Where do I go to ask about the records

    • dammitpie said,

      Education records, contact the Dept of Youth Services

    • stephanie bass said,

      My name is stephanie bass i graduated jan 1969 lookin for yearbook i lost mine in a fire

  56. amy schmidt said,

    hi i am looking for information on jean schumacher who shows on the census as being there in 1940 in cottage 10. i am looking for any information available, admittance, rationale, release anything. thank you!!!

    • Judy Archer Brucker said,

      I don’t have your answer but am interested in the reply as my family was there around that time.

  57. Amber said,

    I’m looking for a Dorothy Mae Eggelston. She would have been here in 1950 around the age of 19. Please help me find her!!

  58. lisa moreno said,

    I am looking for information on dorothy mae eggleston. from what we know she was at the girls school in July of ’50 when she gave birth to a son. she was 19 yrs old at the time. she was from bucyrus ohio. if anyone may have known dorothy or anything about her please reply to this post.

  59. dammitpie said,

    If you want some answers, here is the contact info her Ohio Dept. of Youth Services. Mostly just educational info would be what would still be available.

    Central Office

    30 West Spring Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    (614) 466-4314

  60. Ben Alexander said,

    Attn Sharlene Land: Email me and I’ll have some insight for your question up at #28.

  61. Margaret Ha said,

    I am looking for a Florence Lysons (Lyons) who was there in 1920, this woman is my Grand mother. Can someone tell me how a girl would end up here? I’m on a search for details pertaining to my mother’s side of the family.

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